10 NHL Players Most Likely to Benefit from Arbitration

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10 NHL Players Most Likely to Benefit from Arbitration
Harry How/Getty Images

Arbitration is a nasty, adversarial process, but it isn't without upside.

For young players with little leverage, it often represents their best chance at getting fair value for their services. For NHL teams, it helps ensure that a critical young player isn't a holdout when his team needs him the most.

The following slideshow looks at 10 players slated to benefit from arbitration. In each case, we briefly detail their perspective, as well as the perspective of the team on the other side of the table.

Just for fun, we also consider a hypothetical comparable—in some cases, a good match for the player, but in others, just a big (or small) name that a particularly ballsy player or team might make comparison to.

Read on for a brief look at the most interesting restricted free agents currently headed to the arbitrator. 

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