WWE SmackDown: Spoiler-Free Preview for July 11

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterJuly 10, 2014

The construction of the Battleground card continues on the July 11 edition of WWE SmackDown.

Ottawa, Canada, played host as AJ Lee, Goldust and others contended with foes they may or may not face at the upcoming pay-per-view. Friday's SmackDown should point out what direction several rivalries are heading in and if they will result in bouts at Battleground.

Though WWE taped the show on Tuesday, it won't air Chris Jericho's first SmackDown match since coming back and a matchup between two human wrecking balls on Syfy until Friday night.

Spoilers are available across the Internet. For those wanting to wait, however, the following is a preview of that matches set to airwith the results omitted.


The Usos vs. Heath Slater and Titus O'Neil

Either WWE has found itself a new tag team or the lack of depth in the division has forced the company to start pairing random wrestlers.

Should Slater and O'Neil do well here, fans may see them on a more regular basis. If they manage to pull off the upset against the champs, that sentiment will be even truer.

The Usos have been busy battling Erick Rowan and Luke Harper for the past few months. This looks to be a respite. Even with O'Neil's power, this won't be nearly as daunting a challenge as facing those backwoods bruisers one more time.

Harper and Rowan may be lurking, though.

There isn't a tag team title bout scheduled for Battleground yet, but another collision between the two duos would be a sign that another PPV contest between them is indeed on its way.


AJ Lee vs. Cameron

Cameron will struggle to keep her mind on the Divas titleholder.

Tension between her and fellow Funkdactyl Naomi came to a head on Monday's Raw. While AJ and Paige managed to coexist as a team, Naomi and Cameron ended up popping each other with right hands.

That moment looked to be the end of their alliance. Cameron will be seeking momentum of her own, hoping for a non-title win against AJ.

AJ, like The Usos, is without a Battleground challenger at the moment. Should Cameron get the upset here or engage in a post-match brawl, it would be a strong sign that she's getting the next crack at the title.


Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton

Not even two weeks since returning to WWE, Jericho has already made two new enemies. He's insulted The Miz and made him suffer a pair of Codebreakers.

He and Bray Wyatt are booked to collide at Battleground after a few confrontations between the two of them.

Facing Orton is not exactly a warm-up match.

Orton has a big bout awaiting him at the PPV as well. A win here equals a glut of momentum heading into the Fatal 4-Way match for the WWE title. After outlasting Dean Ambrose on Monday's Raw, he'll look to keep on winning. 

Over the past few years, Orton and Jericho have met several times, and the result is almost always a highly entertaining match.

That will be the expectation here again.


Goldust vs. Ryback

In trying to make their way up the tag team rankings, Goldust and Stardust have been preying on Ryback and Curtis Axel. It seems the two squads aren't done with each other.

Half of each team meets here in a battle of power versus cunning.

Fans will be on the lookout for how Stardust and/or Axel factor into this clash. A clean win by Goldust could mean that he and his brother move on from RyBaxel. Any kind of shenanigans would likely suggest that this rivalry will march on.


Bo Dallas vs. Diego and El Torito

Drumming up heat for a heel can be done in a variety of ways. WWE appears to be doing so with Dallas by having him beat up on a little person.

Dallas toppled El Torito on Monday's Raw before knocking him over during his victory lap:

Enlisting Diego's help, El Torito will now attempt to get revenge. The outcome of this match will be an indicator of which direction the supposedly inspirational Dallas is heading in.

El Torito pinning him would be a sign that he's likely to follow Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahalwho both lost to the bullout the door. A vicious attack on the acrobatic luchador would signal that WWE is working to make Dallas hated.


Summer Rae vs. Layla

The two women fighting over Fandango aren't done with each other.

Layla knocked off the former NXT star at Money in the Bank. Summer is back for another go-round.

Expect more catfighting than wrestling, Fandango to be involved and the announcers to have a blast watching it all unfold. That's what fans have seen between these Divas for the past few weeks.

The only uncertainty is whether this is leading to another PPV match or the feud will end on TV instead.


Adam Rose vs. Fandango

Fandango has both the story with the two women in his life and a burgeoning rivalry with Dolph Ziggler going for him. Rose, on the other hand, hasn't done much since teasing a feud with Jack Swagger.

A match against Fandango isn't exactly the best remedy for his Rose's lack of momentum either. Pitting the two goofy characters together makes sense, but this doesn't have much potential.

This will be interesting in terms of where WWE believes both Superstars to be on its hierarchy. Rose hasn't lost since debuting, but has struggled to get screen time as of late.

A dominant win here would at least push him in a positive direction. Fandango steamrolling him would be an ominous sign for his future. 


Rusev vs. Roman Reigns

One may question if it's too early to put this match on or if it's something that would be better served for a higher-profile stage, but it certainly is intriguing.

It's a fresh matchup between two emerging stars. The two powerhouses were the last men standing in a recent Battle Royal to decide who entered the WWE title ladder match at Money in the Bank. The fans roared during their staredown.

They now get to see that collision in a one-on-one situation.

It's hard to peg a favorite here. Rusev hasn't lost in a singles match yet. He has barely been tested since debuting.

Reigns, though, is one of the hottest wrestlers on the roster. He spent Monday's Raw knocking Kane back and saving John Cena before the Montreal fans made it clear they prefer him to Cena. 

What could be a glimpse of a future major rivalry, Rusev and Reigns cap off Friday's SmackDown.

It's a show that promises to answer several questions about Battleground and indicate where a number of midcarders are headed next.


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