Martin Truex Jr: Done Deal, Will Drive The Number 55 or was it 56. oh well

al asifyouknowSenior Analyst IOctober 29, 2016

Good for him, glad to see it, don't let the garage door hit you in the.....oh loosen up! I'm just kidding.

I feel he's making a good choice, not the best choice, but he most be getting a heck of a monetary deal along with a multiple year contract .

Remember where you heard this, he will not have better equipment than the Childress engine he has in the Bass-Pro car.

Time will tell the story, but I’m afraid the problem with the number 55 car is more then just the driver, it could also be the car,

I just don’t think Mr. Truex jr. will make that much of a difference in the seat of that car.

I still feel Truex jr should of just concentrated on this year and work with this team, they may end up with Joe Gibbs in 2010 with a Hendrick, Steward-Hass type of deal.

He may regret this move later on. Maybe not.

I understand the “official announcement” will be this Tuesday.

I hope it will be effective immediately, so they can put Aric in that car, I know that is not going to happen due to sponsorship commitments with Bass- Pro, but I can hope.

Juan Pablo Montoya in the chase! How about that!