WWE Should Resist the Urge to Turn Roman Reigns Heel Against John Cena

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistJuly 10, 2014

Roman Reigns and John Cena
Roman Reigns and John Cenacredit: wwe.com

Roman Reigns had some lengthy interaction with John Cena on the July 7 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw.  The former Shield strongman crossed paths with John backstage and later on at the end of the main event when he made the save against Kane and Randy Orton.

And while many of the WWE faithful believe Roman is indeed the next top guy, likely the next top babyface of the company, there may be some cause for concern.  WWE may be tempted to turn him heel against John Cena and they should resist that urge at all cost.

The scenario of Roman besting John at some point and not only taking the WWE World Championship but also his spot as the company's top star is one that has been discussed for quite some time.  That discussion has occurred among WWE fans, who feel that Cena's time in the sun is drawing to a close and when it does, Roman should be the man to take over.

As a result of that, Reigns has been thought of as the heir apparent in many fan circles. They believe it's only a matter of time until the move happens and Cena's upcoming Fatal Four Way at Battleground seems like perhaps the best time of all.

Some may feel it's too soon for Roman to ascend the championship ladder but the reality is that the clock is ticking not only for Cena but for WWE.  Why force the issue a little and get it moving along?

But that theory may have just hit a snag as the spot on Raw between John and Roman may signal a direction that fans did not expect and quite frankly, do not want.

Roman's opening promo at the beginning of Raw was the first shot fired verbally against John.  In that promo, Roman showed swagger and complete confidence in himself and his ability to defeat Cena at Battleground.

And truth be told, that was a good thing.  Going into a match against John Cena is no small task for any Superstar hoping to come out with a win, much less the championship.  The fact that Roman is such a new face on the main event scene means that he can either embrace the challenge head on or he could fold like a cheap suit.

Thanks to the success he had with The Shield and the taste of success he's had since then, Roman's confidence is at an all-time high.  Fans are backing a winner in Roman Reigns and the company knows it. He should be confident, that is to be expected.

But it was his spot later on during the program backstage with Cena that likely caused some eyebrows to rise.

John was the good guy as always, the man that was under the gun and had been for his entire WWE career.  He was ready for the fight and of course would not back down.  But when Roman stepped into the picture, the mood changed.  And instead of Reigns appearing to be the confident challenger that was looking John in the eyes as he made his case, Roman suddenly looked a little heel.

Was this merely just the way it looked or does it mean something more?

Fans know that John isn't changing.  He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  And he will approach the match with Roman like he always does; with his head up and fighting to the end.  But will the same be said for Roman?  Will he take the high road in the match at Battleground or will he heel out during the match against Cena?

The fact is that if any fan noticed that Roman indeed looked like a heel next to John Cena, then certainly someone in WWE saw it too.  Will the company have a knee-jerk reaction to that and turn Roman heel in order to keep his momentum going against John?

Will WWE look at this situation and believe that Roman does not have enough to stand toe-to-toe against Cena as a face without damaging his fan reaction at all?  Will they believe that the only way to ensure he comes out of the match at Battleground looking strong is to give him such an edge against John that he actually heels out?

After 10 years and 15 World Championships, it's obvious that WWE believes in John Cena. They know he can carry the ball and that he will deliver every time.  But do they know that about Roman Reigns? Do they believe that Roman is strong enough right now to not only share the same space as John Cena but to take the mantle of top guy from him?

Or will they panic and change horses in midstream?  And that is assuming Roman is pegged as the next big thing by the company.  Because if he's not, will he be now?

The fact is that pulling the rug out from underneath Roman before he really gets the opportunity to go at Cena full force would be a mistake.  Roman deserves the chance to show what he can do and he deserves the chance to prove his supporters right.

Because if he turns heel, then he will be just another contender for John Cena and just another check in the win column.  And he doesn't deserve that at all.