What's the Deal With No Gallardo In The Mid-Summer Classic?

Kyle ThompsonContributor IJuly 5, 2009

MILWAUKEE - JULY 1:   Yovani Gallardo #49 of the Milwaukee Brewers pitches against the New York Mets during the game at Miller Park on July 1, 2009 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

The MLB All-Star rosters were announced today and both teams are full of deserving players. 

Now I know every year a player or two get snubbed from this prestigious event. But there is one player I noticed who did not make the N.L. Roster this year after having a very impressive first half of the year. 

That player is Milwaukee SP Yovanni Gallardo.

Now I know the pitchers, who were selected by Charlie Manuel, are very good and are deserving of their spots. They are Chad Billingsley, LAD; Matt Cain, SF; Dan Haren, ARI; Josh Johnson, FLA; Ted Lilly, CHC; Tim Lincecum, SF; Jason Marquis, COL; Johan Santana, NYM. 

I will not debate Lincecum, Cain, Santana, Haren or Johnson, but Marquis and Billingsley are debatable and I am not sold on Ted Lilly. 

My argument for Gallardo is simple and is as follows:

Gallardo is 8-5 in 16 games started, with one complete game. In those 16 games, he has recorded 104 and two-thirds innings, which is 20th in the NL (he has one less start than Billingsley, who has seven and two-thirds more innings pitched. Marquis has same amount of starts but has only four and two-thirds more innings pitched. Lilly has one more start with only six and one-third more innings pitched) with 114 K's (third in N.L.). 

So that averages out at 9.8 K/9 innings, which is good enough for fourth in the N.L.  He is also sixth in ERA in the National League ahead of everyone except Haren, Cain, and Lincecum of the pitchers who made the All-Star game. 

He also has two HRs this year at the plate, not to mention he is the ace of a club who has a very inconsistent lineup. 

These are Gallardo's stats and the three players who I think could have been snubbed just like Gallardo, with Yovanni making the game.

Name        GS     CG      IP             ERA       K           W     L

Gallardo     16      1     104.2          2.75      114         8      5

Lilly           17      0      111           3.35       88          7      6

Billingsley    17      0    112.1          3.12      110          9      4

Marquis       16     2     109.1         3.87        51          10     5


Stats don't mean everything, but they are a good indication of how well a player is playing.

I don't expect everyone to agree with me and call me a homer. But before you do, take a look for yourself at these players and please explain to me how Yo is not on the All-Star game N.L. Roster. To me, it doesn't make sense.


Stats Provided by MLB.com