Lance Storm, 'Tough Enough' and Latest WWE NXT Developmental News

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterJuly 9, 2014

Lance Storm, 'Tough Enough' and Latest WWE NXT Developmental News

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    Lance Storm's thoughts on WWE NXT will have many fans nodding while the most recent word on the Tough Enough series will have fans sighing, looking forward to its return.

    The respected veteran Storm offered a wealth of positive thoughts for what WWE is doing Thursday nights. As he seemingly recently discovered, NXT is a major reason to pay for the WWE Network. Tough Enough was supposed to be a part of that streaming service as well, but that reportedly won't happen for a while now.

    In other WWE developmental news, new prospects were added to the NXT roster page, Booker T talks adding Australian stars and the latest update on KENTA coming to Full Sail University sounds too good to be true. 

    Further confirmation of him joining WWE has NXT set to have one more thing for Storm to rave about.

Booker T Talks Desire to Add Australian Talent

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    WWE visiting Australia in August could spell opportunities for hopeful developmental talent from that country.

    The roster boasts two Australians in Emma and Buddy Murphy, but in a recent interview, Booker T made it sound as if WWE is on the lookout for more. Talking to Fox Sports Australia, Booker T said, "We definitely need an Australian star. It's just good for business."

    He later talked about the kind of transition it would take to make at NXT.

    The developmental system is already highly international, featuring prospects from France, Canada, England and Ireland. It's also beneficial, though, to add more variety.

    As we've seen with how loud fans get for Alberto Del Rio in Mexico or how passionately fans from the United Kingdom welcome Bad News Barrett, bringing local stars along when traveling to a country is best for business.


'Tough Enough' Pushed Back

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    Fans are going to get a look at the struggles and triumphs prospects experience at the WWE Performance Center, just not right now. WWE had planned to bring back its reality series, Tough Enough, but there's been a change in plans.

    According to F4WOnline (h/t PWMania), the show was set to start filming this weekend but has been delayed until October. Budget cuts are to blame for the shift in schedule.

    A new Tough Enough series would be another reason to sign up for the WWE Network and a good way to start introducing prospects to the audience early, but it would certainly add to WWE's costs. The focus now seems to be on pulling in more subscribers, not starting up new projects like this one.

    One has to wonder if WWE will be in a position to put down the cash for the reality series by October. With WWE offering a free trial of the streaming service, it doesn't feel like the company is heading for economic prosperity just yet.




Lance Storm Has High Praise for NXT

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    Former WWE wrestler Lance Storm weighed in on NXT and the reviews were stellar.

    His Twitter followers know that he is a fair critic of the product. He is often insightful during WWE Raw and quick to point out great performances and poor choices alike.

    His outlook on NXT is shared by many. Storm tweeted [sic], "#NXT is the easiest show to watch. You get 1-2 good competitive matchs, 1-2 lopsided bouts, and maybe an interview. 1hr. Fun & Easy."

    He also complimented the announcing on Twitter, noting that because the announcers actually talk about the match, "everything feels so much more important."

    This rousing analysis of the developmental TV program is not surprising. NXT fans know it's often WWE's most well-done hour of TV each week. 

    Storm's tweets were a bit of free promotion for NXT and the WWE Network. As a respected wrestling vet and trainer, his opinion is one worthy of taking notice.

Further Confirmation on KENTA Signing

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    It doesn't seem real that Japanese star KENTA is actually headed to WWE.

    He's been the subject of rumors aplenty in the last few months. Fans have heard rumblings of Sting signing with WWE but have not seen him debut yet, and word of CM Punk possibly returning has choked the Internet at various times only to leave fans disappointed. 

    In the case of KENTA, we are closing in on the day he's reportedly going to be an official member of WWE.

    PWInsider's Mike Johnson writes, "WWE will officially announce that they have signed former Pro Wrestling NOAH star KENTA" on July 10. This will be during WWE's tour of Japan this week. 

    If this announcement turns out to be the real deal, WWE developmental is set to have a major talent famous for kicking folks in the head added to the mix. Prospects should go and get some ice packs ready.

Roster Page Additions

5 of 5 has added three new names to the NXT roster page. It's not as significant as getting a call-up or working main-roster live events, but it's advancement for these prospects.

    Announcer Rich Brennan, Becky Lynch (Rebecca Knox) and Cal Bishop now have profiles on the NXT section of WWE's website.

    That's a small step to being a more consistent part of NXT for all of them. With Renee Young doing more work on the main roster, Brennan is in line for more opportunities at Full Sail University. Lynch and Bishop haven't appeared often on NXT TV yet, but Lynch has formed a bond with Bayley as of late.

    This pairing will likely have her leaning toward more of a goofy gimmick but should translate to more airtime.