The City Of Brotherly Love Not Earning its Name to the Mets

Wendy AdairAnalyst IJuly 5, 2009

NEW YORK - JUNE 26:  David Wright #5 of the New York Mets talks with teammate Alex Cora #3 against the New York Yankees on June 26, 2009 at Citi Field in the Flushing neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

The Mets entered Philadelphia late Thursday evening on a high note, they had just won two straight one run games that were both incredible and motivational.

Now it is Sunday evening and the Mets just got swept in Philadelphia, the good news is that tomorrow is an off day, and this team needs it desperately.

My husband Brian, my friend Angela and myself were in Philly for the July 4th festivities this holiday weekend and went to Saturday's game, which saw the Mets lose 4-1.

For being named "the City of Brotherly Love", Philadelphia did not earn that affectionate name this weekend any more than it was earned last year.

When we went to the game last July 4th weekend, the Mets had just routed the Cardinals 11-0, and were still getting used to life under Jerry Manuel as their new new manager. 

This was a fully functioning team who had all of their key players in the lineup, not the makeshift lineup being employed and changed on a daily basis this season.

Carlos Beltran was rested the day before, Carlos Delgado was hot after a slow start, and David Wright was in the lineup even though he sustained a groin injury the night before in St Louis.

Wright had one of the two RBI's that game when he walked with the bases loaded.  Jose Reyes had the other RBI with a sac fly.  Beltran and Delgado were a combined 0 for 8 with 6 strikeouts.

By far not a good game for the Mets but it was still a very interesting game that we watched in the rain. 

The fans for the most part were terribly rude, but not all of them, and we did manage to find some Philadelphia fans who we could engage in a friendly natured rivalry banter.

Johan Santana pitched that game and the Mets lost in the bottom of the 9th due to a blown save by Duaner Sanchez. 

When  were leaving the stadium, a young Mets fan who was with his father was jeered by some rowdy college aged young men.  These same young men repeatedly spit seeds into girl's hair and were very arrogant to the Mets fans nearby, both young and old.

We fully realize that some amount of banter and rudeness is to be expected and those obnoxious fans which probably represent about 5% of the fan base do not have anything to do with the 95% of fans who do cheer their team but do not act in a rude manner.

This past weekend we arrived on Friday night and were disappointed to hear that the Mets lost 7-2, but were looking forward to a good game on Saturday.  We were speaking to a Phillies fan outside of Geno's Philly Cheese Steaks and actually enjoyed the conversation with him very much. 

The Phillies had been struggling to score runs of late themselves and had lost a heartbreaker to the Rockies on Thursday night.  It had the tone of "the Mets suck, but we suck too, hahahaha"  This was fine, and ended up actually giving credit to the players on the Phillies such as Brad Lidge for his saves last year and the brilliance of Cole Hamels. 

In return he called K Rod a beast and also complimented the season that Carlos Beltran was having before he went on the Disabled List.

Given the current state of this team with all of the injuries to the key players, ill-prepared replacements, and mid season exhaustion factors, we were not completely surprised that the Mets lost on Saturday.

If the Phillies were without Ryan Howard, Shane Victorino, and Jimmy Rollins as everyday players for an extended period of time, then they could sympathize at what the Mets and their fans are enduring these days.

Beltran, Delgado and Reyes are on the DL with no set timetable for return, David Wright is battered and bruised with only one day off so far this season.  His mini-slump this weekend was no doubt disappointing, as he went 0 for 11 with four strikeouts and three double play balls. 

The good news is that most Mets fans are giving him the benefit of the doubt by realizing just how exhausted he is as the All Star Break nears.  Jerry Manuel keeps saying that he will rest Wright but is not showing any signs that he will do so in the near future.

Saturday's game was very discouraging, the offense was virtually non-existent and the defense was horrible, but they are human beings and these things happen to even the best of players.

Definitely the most bizarre inning was when the Philly mascot came out with a tux on and smashed the Mets helmet with an assist from Ben Franklin.

David Wright and Alex Cora had a miscommunication on a pop up in foul territory and it fell to the ground.  We were not sitting close by, but seeing how the fans behave there, I would not be surprised if the Philadelphia fans had anything to do with creating a noise distraction that played a role in that play.

Omir Santos also dropped a routine pop up ball hit by Shane Victorino in foul territory by the Phillies dugout railing and was charged with an error, this led to an unearned run.

On our walk to our car, the way that the  Philly fans acted outside the stadium after the game was rude and completely mind numbing.

Several Philadelphia fans got in the faces of Mets fans and laughed in their faces like we are the biggest jokes on the face of the earth and there were even some t-shirts for sale, that said F U NY with the middle finger extended.

We did leave Philadelphia this morning before today's game started, which I am glad for, because the city, for all its charm otherwise, contains some of the rudest fans in the country.

No love was felt by us this weekend by most Philadelphia fans, but to those who did treat us with respect and consideration, we thank you.


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