WWE's Top Superstars and B/R Pro Wrestling Superstars Head to the Club

Svyato Rovenchuk@TorontosClassicSenior Writer IJuly 5, 2009

One night the superstars from the WWE and some of the writers from B/R decided to take a trip down to the night club and the results were amazing to all (even though they didn't know that the other would be there)!


(Y2J) Hello? Is there anyone here?

(Server) May I help you?

(Y2J) Of course, everyone knows who I am around here. Right?

(Server) Uh no not really. Who are you?

(Y2J) Excuse me? You don't know who the Ayatollah Of Rock N Rolla is?

(Server) No.

(Y2J) Your ignorance amazes me! *slaps server*

(Server) Security!

(Y2J) Bring it on!

*Three security guards show up*

Edge attacks one of the guards from behind. Y2J hits a Codebreaker on another one of the guards. Edge takes care of the last guard by hitting him with a spear!

(Edge) That's why you don't mess with the Unified Tag Team Champions!

*Edge and Jericho walk away with egotistical smiles on their faces*

(Svyato) Hey, Chris.

(Y2J) Who are you?

(Svyato) I'm the No. 1 writer in the Chris Jericho section on Bleacher Report.

(Y2J) So you're a fan?

(Svyato) Yup, and let me be the first to say that it's too bad that you have to carry the tag team.

(Edge) Excuse me? Chris here doesn't carry the tag team, I, the Rated R Superstar do.

(Wyatt) Yeah! What are you talking about, Svyato? It's obvious that Edge here is helping the desperate Chris.

(Y2J) I don't need help from anyone. I am the best in the world at what I do!

(Edge) I'm sorry, Chris, but I have to save you from your fantasy, I'm the best!

(Y2J) Ha, you're just as pathetic at wrestling as this kid that supports you here.

(Svyato) Hehehe, you tell him.

(Y2J) Unlike Svyato here, who probably knows his stuff.

(Edge) Fine, have it your way. Tonight, for the club's feature presentation it'll be Edge & Wyatt vs. Chris Jericho & Svyato.

(Y2J) Losers have to go around telling everyone that they are pathetic wanna be wrestlers for the rest of their lives!

(Wyatt) Bring it.

(Svyato) Ha, we don't have to bring "it" to beat you two.

*Svyato and Chris Jericho walk away*


(Orton) You know I'm the champ, right?

(Hot Girl) Yeah, with a big title on your shoulder I kinda had to figure.

(Orton) Hahaha. Well how about we head back and check out other parts of my body.

(Hot Girl) Uhhh.....

No thanks. You kinda creep me out.

(Orton) What!? *hits the RKO* Next time, think before you act. 

*When Orton turns around, he gets hit by a sledgehammer*

(HHH) It's all about the Game and how you play it. Well Randy, you're not playing the game right.

(Shane) Haha! It's only a matter of time before you are the new WWE Champion.

Legacy attacks them from behind. Orton gets back up and gets ready to punt both of them. Shane gets hit first and Triple H gets hit second.

(Orton) Poor HHH...still jealous that I was the crown jewel.


Dance floor

(DJ, no not Rallo) All right, everyone, we are going to slow it down.

(Kelly Kelly) Mmmmm. I love this shrimp.

(Mickie James) Me, too.

(David Bowston) Wanna dance?

(Kelly) Uh, sure.

(To another couple)

(Jared) Thanks.

(Maryse) We can dance, just don't talk.

(Jared) Okay.

(Maryse) What did I just say?

(Back to David and Kelly)

(David) Are you feeling okay?

(Kelly) Yeah, *queasy feeling* just, *barfs on David*.

(David) Oh god. *leaves*

(Kelly) Sorry. *barfs again on the nearby Maryse*

(Maryse) Grrrr!

*They start a very hot cat fight!*



(Y2J) All right, so are you ready?

(Svyato) Yeah! Time to kick some talentless butts!


Wyatt Beltz & Edge vs. Svyato Rovenchuk & Chris Jericho

All right, everyone, we have a special presentation for you. Instead of the usual dancers we will have a Tornado Tag Team Match right here in the club. For your safety I would advise for you to find a good spot to hide. It's on!

Bell rings with Wyatt and Svyato charging at each other. Wyatt trips over Edge on his way there and breaks his nose. Svyato covers, 1, 2, 3. It's done.

Here are your winners, Svyato and Chris Jericho!

(Svyato) That was easy. 

(Y2J) Obviously. Did you think it was gonna be hard? This was pointless. It was quick and painless.

(DJ Rallo) That's what she said!

(Melina) Perve. *slaps Rallo*

(DJ) Wait, Melina! I can change!

(AkD) Talk about the trouble couple.

(Michelle McCool) Yup, now where were we?

*AkD and McCool make out*

(Undertaker) Time for you to rest in peace!

(AkD) Crap! *AkD takes off*

(Undertaker) I'll just do to you what I wanted to do to him! *Tombstones McCool*

Club Closes. 


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