US Ambassador Makes Good on World Cup Bet, Cooks Pancakes for Belgian Official

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJuly 9, 2014


Last week, U.S. ambassador Matthew Barzun tweeted out a World Cup proposition to his Belgian counterpart, Guy Trouveroy.

The wager was thus: If the U.S. defeated Belgium in the round of 16, Trouveroy would cook up delicious Belgian waffles for Barzun and his team at the U.S. embassy. If Belgium won, then Barzun would make pancakes for Trouveroy and his people at the Belgian embassy. 

With the dust long settled on the USA's 2-1 loss to Belgium last Tuesday, Barzun made good on his promise.

The U.S. ambassador draped an apron over his tie Tuesday and went to work flipping flapjacks—a gesture of good will Sebastian Payne of The Washington Post is calling “pancake diplomacy.”

The poor man even wore a Belgian scarf for the occasion.

It’s an ironic pill to swallow for Barzun, as American tradition dictates the winner serves pancakes.

Alas, victory eluded the United States in the knockout rounds, despite a herculean effort from goalkeeper Tim Howard. On the bright side, the squad lost by only one goal, which is more than certain institutions of international soccer dominance can say in this utterly ridiculous World Cup.


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