Randy Orton and Kane Would Make a Viable Tag Team

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistJuly 9, 2014

Randy Orton enters the ring during Wrestlemania XXX at the Mercedes-Benz Super Dome in New Orleans on Sunday, April 6, 2014. (Jonathan Bachman/AP Images for WWE)
Jonathan Bachman/Associated Press

In September of 2012, Anthony Benigno of WWE.com posted an article entitled The Devil’s Favorite Duos: A History of Kane’s Tag Team Partners.

The article runs through a slideshow of eight current and former WWE Superstars whom Kane tagged with, with seven of the eight duos leading to at least one tag team championship run.

Kane’s proficiency in tag team wrestling alone should make him a WWE Hall of Famer.

The 12-time tag team champion’s odyssey of tag team partners seems to follow a certain theme. Most partners were in no man’s land creatively or on the outside of a crowded world title picture before teaming with Kane to form a dynamic and often entertaining duo.

Kane’s talents as a tag team performer cannot be underscored enough. Much of this success is due to the fact that he tends to vacillate between solitary monster and strange-bedfellow big man. This prevents possible burnout from seeing him with so many different partners.

With the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, not to mention future main events, getting further away from his grasp, Randy Orton makes for an ideal candidate to join Kane as his next unlikely teammate.

The two have worked together closely over the past few weeks. Kane has acted as a henchman seeking to carry out The Authority's bidding by helping Orton regain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

At WWE Money in the Bank, Kane exclusively served to assist Orton’s efforts, often holding the ladder as the third-generation star climbed.

Monday on Raw, Orton and Kane double-teamed John Cena toward the end of the show, further hinting toward a continued working relationship when the two are featured in the main event at Battleground.

Kane's duos tend to be outlandish to almost Disney proportions and are befitting of cutesy names like “Team Hell No.”

As a result, they often lead to babyface reactions. And while Kane and Orton are currently branded as heel members of The Authority, their shift to a babyface duo can come naturally given the current storyline.

Despite The Authority’s continued on-camera support of Orton, Seth Rollins has quietly supplanted Orton as the new potential face of the WWE.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon celebrated with Rollins shortly after his Money in the Bank win. The following night on Raw, Triple H attempted to orchestrate Rollins’ first cash-in attempt.

There’s only room for one handpicked champion, and with Rollins serving as the younger star with more momentum, it’s only a matter of time before The Authority favors the former Shield member at the expense of Orton.

At one point on Raw, following a backstage confrontation with Rollins, James Caldwell of PWTorch described Orton admitting he’s “really starting to hate that kid,” in reference to the Money in the Bank winner.

Given the egos, championships, briefcase and abundance of heels involved, all signs point to implosion within The Authority.

Should Rollins go on to become a world champion, as the majority Money in the Bank winners have, Orton—who has been lukewarm for several months—will be the odd man out.

His saving grace will be as a member of Team R-Kane-O.