Yankees Fans Should Not Panic Over Their Notorious Late-Blooming Team

Patrick PearsonContributor IMay 3, 2008

We've won two games in a row, and according to coach Lou Brown from "Major League," "One more and that's called a winning streak!" 

As of May 3, we're a .500 ballclub, and considering the bad (read: awful) luck we've run into this year, I'll take it all the way to the bank. 

I was at the stadium today and couldn't believe what I was hearing from fans.  Everyone was ready to throw the white flag up just because Phil Hughes found out he needs glasses and Ian Kennedy has spent too much time on his wedding album and not enough time throwing strikes. 

Last year, we were't even close to having won 16 games, considering we won nine in all of April. I am very confident in this team, and when we get to put the "A" lineup out there for the third time all year (and hopefully every day from there on out), we should see this team catch fire as they always do. 

The Yankees of the 2000s are for sure the "Boys of Summer" and once the weather heats up, so do they. This is my first post ever, they will get better as I go (at least I hope). 

I'll take any criticism so give it to me. PS if you don't already, read Peter Abraham over on LoHudblogs.com because he is phenomenal.