WWE Has Made It Too Obvious John Cena Is Winning at Battleground

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJuly 8, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

John Cena will probably leave this month’s Battleground pay-per-view with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship—and the company has made it incredibly obvious.

For one thing, even the participants of the Fatal 4-Way at the event make it clear Cena will retain his belt.

The bookers can’t seriously be considering giving Randy Orton another title run after his mediocre reign in late 2013 and early 2014.

Credit: WWE.com

Kane’s atrocious post-WrestleMania program with Daniel Bryan is conclusive proof of why “The Big Red Machine” should never be allowed anywhere near the title again.

OK, so Roman Reigns is being positioned as the company’s next big star and has been the recipient of some very strong booking, but it’s far too soon to give him a title run.

Ideally, WWE will hold it off until next year’s WrestleMania, thus making it more special and historic.

Credit: WWE.com

Honestly, WWE hasn’t done a terribly good job of convincing us these guys have a genuine shot. I mean, come on, does anyone buy that there could be a title switch in Tampa? Of course not.

So, really, Cena is the only candidate to win on July 20.

There’s also the fact that an office mistake may have telegraphed the match’s outcome. As WrestlingInc noted, retail site Amazon appeared to accidentally give the game away when it revealed the poster for SummerSlam—which features Cena and Brock Lesnar.

Unsurprisingly, the poster has since been removed.

A Cena vs. Lesnar program makes sense.

Credit: WWE.com

Having ended The Undertaker’s famous streak at WrestleMania, the former MMA fighter has new momentum and agency. How better for WWE to capitalize on this than by giving him the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at long last?

Besides, Lesnar never did get his win back after losing to Cena at Extreme Rules in 2012, did he?

It’s more than time these two guys clashed in the ring once more. And the program itself will likely be very good, especially with Paul Heyman in the mix.

The mere thought of a mic confrontation between Heyman and Cena is enough to excite any fan.

So, really, keeping the title on Cena at Battleground and having him head into SummerSlam with it is the obvious move.

But does the company have to make it so evident? Can't it work to make its television program feel more spontaneous and edgy? You want fans heading into the show feeling like anything could happen.

WWE's pay-per-view business is stale enough as it is right now—the last thing it needs to be doing is throwing out meaningless and forgettable main events where virtually everyone knows the result going in.

It’s no wonder most of the "B" shows don’t feel like a big deal anymore. Everything feels so routine.