Cit(y)ing in the Cold

Ramkumar SCorrespondent IJuly 5, 2009

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM - SEPTEMBER 13:  Manchester City fans show their support during the Premier League match between Manchester City and Chelsea at The City of Manchester Stadium on September 13, 2008 in Manchester, England.  (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)

So Manchester City wants to bid for John Terry, the man who is "Mr Chelsea" himself. What City fail to understand, after repeated attempts, is that some players are too big to be bid upon. They bid high and large for Kaka, Villa, Terry only to get rejected. Why?

Cos for these players, this is not just about the money but also about achievements. Those players want to win and win now. City is a long way away from rebuilding. Flashing money works sometimes but not always.

Money + Ambition + Plan is greater that Money + Ambition. And this has been an issue that City really have been struggling to comprehend.

So what is wrong with City? City's rebuilding plan as of now is—Buy Now, Think later! Why are they trying to buy each and every striker without deciding on who they want to play ? City currently have up to six first-team strikers and are being linked with Tevez and Eto'o.

I dont know what City is planning but i think it is safe for me to guess that they are not planning to play six strikers up front. If a mass exodus is what City is planning then it will only cause insecurity and loss of morale in existing City players.

Jo was terrible at City, but in Everton he was good. What was the reason for that—lack of faith, lack of patience or lack of managerial skills? They have loads of money to spend on the likes of Tevez and Bellamy but they cant increase the weekly wages of their own talented youth—Daniel Sturridge.

While one cannot question, City's ambition but to have the likes of a talented youth product come up through their academy and then give up on him so easily is quite shocking.

When City were taken over by Taskin, he hired suave Sven who was able to attract more talent and he did improve the squad. With that squad he managed to get into the top 10 and also did the double over rivals Manchester United—not an easy feat, mind you.

Mark Hughes started with a much better squad and did a lot worse. Sure, he lacks the experience, but does that help in attracting stars? Are you going to tell KaKa that he should join City cos he gets paid well but will not be able to win anything cos the manager is still learning?

Hey, managers have time 'til they are 60 and sometimes even beyond but once a player reaches the 30+ mark it is all downwards for his career. If City want instant success and stars joining them RIGHT NOW, then it will do them a world of good to hire a more experienced and established manager for their team.

If they want to persist with Mark Hughes then perhaps it would be better if they tried not to climb ten steps at a time.