How Tottenham Can Beat Liverpool Because of Luis Suarez's Transfer to Barcelona

Ryan Day@theryanedwardCorrespondent IJuly 8, 2014

How Tottenham Can Beat Liverpool Because of Luis Suarez's Transfer to Barcelona

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    Alastair Grant/Associated Press

    It seems to be a foregone conclusion that Luis Suarez is signing with Barcelona soon, and that will help Tottenham beat Liverpool this season and gain some ground on a top-four finish in the English Premier League.

    In fact, Alex Richards of The Mirror is reporting that Suarez replica jerseys for Barcelona are already on sale in Spain.

    There should be no surprise that when one of the best strikers in England leaves, it helps everyone else's chances. But Tottenham were particularly vulnerable to the Uruguayan's play last year.

    How will Liverpool's loss become Tottenham's gain in the way of a victory, a few more points and a possible Champions League berth?

    Let's find out.


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    Alastair Grant/Associated Press

    The No. 1 reason Spurs fans are praying Suarez makes a move to Spain? His finishing, no question.

    Liverpool earned a 9-0 aggregate over Tottenham in their two meetings, and the Uruguayan striker scored three of them, including the opening goal in their first match.

Through Balls

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    Clint Hughes/Associated Press

    Suarez is a gifted finisher, but he's just as good at laying the ball through an opposing back line for a teammate.

    In their two meetings, Suarez collected two assists and would've gotten a third if it wasn't for Michael Dawson getting a lucky foot on the ball.

    Both assists were on open breakaways and demonstrated an uncanny ability for Suarez to create chances. It also shows how valuable he was. Of the six goals he didn't score, he assisted two of them.

Second-Chance Shots

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    Alastair Grant/Associated Press

    In their first meeting on December 15, Suarez was the first to get on the scoresheet after his through ball to Jordan Henderson was knocked away by Spurs defender Michael Dawson. Suarez picked up the ball and put a left-footed shot right past goalkeeper Hugo Lloris.

    Suarez loves to poach and he has incredible awareness of where he is in relation to the 'keeper. His cherry-picking and bursts into the penalty area will not be missed next season.

Disruption in the Back Line

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    Alex Livesey/Getty Images

    Suarez isn't just a menace on offense. His quick bursts made for frustrating possessions for Spurs last year.

    When Tottenham would normally take a few seconds to reset, and the back line would hold or make short passes, Suarez was buzzing around the back line and intercepted errant passes—taking one for a goal.