Shocking Goalkeeper Error in Europa League Prompts Talk of Conspiracy

Will TideySenior Manager, GlobalJuly 7, 2014


Goalkeepers are taught to stay on their feet for as long as possible when an attacker is bearing down on them.

What we see in the above clip, however, is FK Celik Niksic's keeper appearing to jump over the ball on its way to goal.

The incident occurred in a Europa League qualifying match between Celik Niksic and Koper of Slovenia, which the latter won 5-0.

As reported by Yahoo, the goal seen here has prompted the suggestion there may be foul play at work.

As per Yahoo's Ryan Bailey:

This hilariously bad goalkeeping has raised some eyebrows, with one Hungarian website calling it a "scandal" while suggesting Celik capitulated in a "suspicious manner." Several reports also claimed that the home team "seemed uninterested."

Could it be the case? Or are we simply looking at a very bad piece of goalkeeping?