Chris Jericho Can Help Re-Establish Bray Wyatt as a Legitimate Heel Threat

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJuly 7, 2014


Can Chris Jericho re-establish Bray Wyatt as a legitimate top heel threat? I think so.

Sadly, Wyatt didn’t emerge from his high-profile feud with John Cena as big a star as many would have presumed.

Oh, he looked OK for the most part, but his perplexing loss at WrestleMania XXX, as well as the fact that he ultimately fell to the former WWE champion in the feud-ending bout at Payback, guaranteed that Wyatt’s brand was inevitably tainted somewhat.


Even after all these years, the booking team remains as protective of Cena as ever. This is frustrating because if anyone doesn’t need shielding from losses, it’s him.

He’s practically invincible at this point. Don't the writers know this?

So WWE probably had a shot to make Wyatt a big-time star in that program but totally blew it. That’s an indictment of the creative team in 2014—but it’s not all bad.

Ideally, the star’s feud with the recently returned Jericho will turn that around.


For one thing, there’s a very good chance that Jericho will be allowed to put the former NXT star over strongly at Battleground.

WWE obviously doesn’t see Jericho on Cena’s level, and it will therefore be willing to allow him to look weak and vulnerable.

Jericho, too, has a sterling track record of putting people over, so losing clean to a new up-and-comer shouldn’t be an issue for him.  


Besides, the Wyatt-Jericho feud will probably make for better entertainment than Wyatt-Cena ever did.

Wyatt will no longer have to stand around like a fool while his opponent tells awful sophomoric jokes—Jericho’s mic work has always been made of better, more serious stuff. It will be fun to see the two clash in promos and have heated back-and-forth exchanges.

Their matches together should also be very good. Both men are tremendous in-ring performers, and they’ll presumably be given enough time by the bookers to show what they can do.


Finally, placed against the popular Jericho, Wyatt will have a chance to properly prove himself as a top heel.

The controversial Cena was too unpopular with the fans to truly get over Wyatt as a heel—indeed, in the last couple of months of their program, the heel often found himself getting wildly cheered by fans.

Jericho is a different situation altogether; the fans love him. It will be easy for people to get behind him.

Assuming things go well, Wyatt will end his feud with Jericho with much more main event credibility and momentum.

He could even come out of it perfectly positioned for a major WWE World Heavyweight Championship run. You never know.