Michael Jordan Once Countered Jim Jackson's Trash Talk by Pointing out His Shoes

Any player who wanted to talk trash to Michael Jordan on the court better have been ready to go back and forth. It would also help that player if he wasn't wearing a pair of Jordans.

Former New Jersey Nets player Kendall Gill recently shared a hilarious story that involved Jordan just shutting his opponent up with one simple comeback.

In a game during the 1996-1997 season, the Nets' Jim Jackson was going off on the Chicago Bulls. He was feeling so good about his game that he decided to run his mouth against Jordan. Unfortunately for him, he had on a pair of Jordans. 

Once Jordan brought that fact up, there was no comeback that Jackson could use. At that point, the only thing he could do was focus on the game.

[cj zero, h/t The Big Lead]