Data Shows Which Professional Sports Cities Have Had Most Success

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistJuly 7, 2014

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Every sports fan dreams of their team hoisting the championship trophy at the end of the season. However, some cities have had more victory parades than others.

Thanks to the latest data put together by Best Tickets, we are able to see which franchises and cities have had the most success through the years.

Most fans can tell you which teams have won the most championships in their respective sports. Here's a quick rundown of the list of championships by teams in the four major sports:

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Winning championships is how we measure success, but it doesn't always tell the entire story. A team's winning percentage shows just how consistent the team has been throughout the years.

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New York, Boston, Los Angeles and Chicago may get the most attention in the sports world. However, those big markets haven't been able to sustain the most success over the years.

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Which cities have been home to the most success per professional sports team?

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Luckily for the folks in Columbus, they have Ohio State sports that bring them some joy.

As good as all of the data is, the last graphic may be a bit misleading. The Montreal Canadiens have hoisted the Stanley Cup 24 times, but the data doesn't take account for the years that the Montreal Expos were in existence. Not only does that make Montreal look very successful, but it also hurts the city of Washington, D.C. The Nationals franchise has yet to win a World Series.

Regardless of that minor issue, the data is terrific. So if you think that your city has it bad, just remember, there is likely another city that has it even worse.

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