Jadeveon Clowney Sets His Sights on Sacking Andrew Luck

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistJuly 7, 2014

AP Images

Memo to Andrew Luck: Jadeveon Clowney is coming for you.

Before he had even been drafted by the Houston Texans, Clowney warned Luck that the Indianapolis Colts quarterback "better have his head on a swivel" whenever their teams meet on the field.

Now that he is officially a Texan, the No. 1 overall pick in this year's draft is back at it.

In a rookie confessional video on the Houston Texans website, Clowney shared his football goals: 

My goal for the rookie season is to try to better myself as a player. ...

My goal in the NFL is to sack Andrew Luck. He’s in my division, playing him two times a year. He’s a dangerous quarterback. He's very smart with the ball, he makes good decisions. I just want to get after him and sack him one time.

It looks like the rookie can't wait for the challenge of going head-to-head with one of the NFL's rising stars.

Clowney and Luck will play at least twice a season as long as they stay on their respective teams. The Texans will host the Colts on Oct. 9, and the two teams will meet again in Indianapolis on Dec. 14.

[h/t ProFootballTalk]