DirecTV to Introduce Fantasy Football Channel for 2014 NFL Season

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJuly 7, 2014

USA Today

Starting this fall, DirecTV will be adding a channel devoted entirely to fantasy football to its “NFL Sunday Ticket” package.

Chris Strauss of For The Win reports the new “Fantasy Zone” will reside next to their hugely popular “RedZone” channel and give fantasy owners a look at how action occurring in Sunday’s games is affecting their virtual rosters in real time.

Unlike RedZone, the Fantasy Zone will feature a studio setup with a live audience, not unlike the MLB “Fan Cave.” Former NFL linebacker Dhani Jones and Kay Adams of NBC Sports’ Rotoworld fantasy site are slated to host the channel, providing analysis and introducing guests. Strauss reports there will also be a small kitchen on set where a chef will prepare food—because pulling hair out over fantasy football is hungry work. 

By all indications, Fantasy Zone is a RedZone-like experience for fantasy football fanatics. You plop down on the couch and watch the points accumulate in real time on the show’s ticker as a trained chef succeeds in making you very hungry for seven-layer dip. It’s unclear how much, if any, live action will be shown on the channel, but it sounds like a cool oasis between actual RedZone sessions.

Instead of frantically searching through a mobile device for fantasy developments, viewers can flip to the Fantasy Zone to see their point count and proceed to second-guess every roster decision they’ve made. 

Strauss reports the channel will come as part of DirecTV’s preexisting “NFL Sunday Max” package, meaning you’ll have to pay for the hot fantasy sports takes Jones and Kay will deliver all day, every Sunday in the fall.


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