Shaqtastic: Shaq Nicknames Through the Years (Shaq's New Nicknames?)

Chase SanfordCorrespondent IJuly 5, 2009

Shaquille O' Neal has arguably been the best media personality in the entire NBA for around a decade now.

O'Neal is generally liked by the media for his humorous tone in interviews.

Through his playful antics, his joking and cutting up with reporters, and always making his interviews appear on SportsCenter due to his humor, he has acquired many different nicknames through the years.

His nicknames all started out with Shaq, short for his real name Shaquille O' Neal (which means Little Warrior in Arabic). That opened the door for many more to come.

Next, it went from Shaq to Superman, due to Shaq's obsessiveness with The Man of Steel himself. He has a Superman logo tattoo on his arm and many of his cars also have Superman emblems on them.

After that came the Diesel. The nickname is supposed to suggest that he has the power and endurance of a diesel engine.

M.D.E. was the next nickname he gave himself, standing for Most Dominant Ever. He gave himself this nickname after leading the Lakers to three straight NBA titles from 2000-2002.

Another nickname, similar to M.D.E., he gave himself was L.C.L. which means Last Center Left. He believes he is the last true NBA center in the league today.

Wilt Chamberneazy was the next one up aboard the Shaq Nickname Express. This is a nickname paying homage to former NBA center Wilt Chamberlain and is considered to be Shaq's favorite nickname so far.

Osama Bin Shaq, my favorite of the nicknames, is a name which he gave himself after terrorizing Keith Van Horn under the boards in the 2002 NBA Finals. 

Another very humorous one is The Big Deporter. Why did he gain that nickname? Because in 2000, after eliminating Arvydas Sabonis and Rik Smits from the playoffs, Shaq dubbed himself The Big Deporter since both players gave up NBA basketball and went back to their native countries to stay!

The Big Aristotle is a nickname he gave himself as a reference to the consistent greatness that won him the 2000 MVP award. 

Another "big" nickname is The Big Felon after a game-winning steal Shaq made against the Orlando Magic.

The Big Sidekick is a name he has acquired since he has helped guards like Kobe Bryant or Dwyane Wade win the Championship (LeBron next?).

Last "big" nickname mentioned will be The Big Cactus which he acquired when he went to the Phoenix Suns (he has approximately two million nicknames beginning with "The Big").

Those are just a few of the Shaquille O' Neal nicknames he has either gave himself or has acquired to date; the man has a never-ending supply of nicknames for himself.

Now that Shaq is with the Cavaliers, here are a few nicknames that could be possible for Shaq to either be dubbed with or dub himself with soon:


  • The Remake on the Lake
  • The Cleveland Steamer
  • Shaqer Heights
  • The Big O'hio
  • Witness Protection Program
  • Shaqalier
  • The Ring Bearer
  • The Big Journeyman

So lets hear it B/R! What has been your favorite Shaq nickname so far? Which is your favorite of the possible Cleveland Shaq nicknames? What do you think his new nickname should be?