King Roger has come down from the North and the Wimbledon Crown is Safe No More

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King Roger has come down from the North and the Wimbledon Crown is Safe No More

Many people had written Roger off earlier this year. It is easy to confuse the emotion that he showed with weakness after the Australian Open final.

The truth is there are few people in tennis that have the burning desire to win that he has.

And if it were not for a single person his rule would have been absolute over the last 4 years. However, if Rafael Nadal had not come along maybe he would not have ever continued to hone his game year after year.

He has now matched the Grand Slam record of Pete Sampras. A feat that a few short years ago was considered impossible, or if not so would not be challenged for decades.

At 27, he is still quite clearly in his prime. He will likely add another few Slam titles to the record that he plans to shatter tomorrow.

This is helped somewhat because his arch nemesis is sidelined with a knee injury. Based on recent history, Nadal would likely have been standing in his way of shattering the Slam record.

But this tells a great deal of the Roger Federer story. He is unrelenting and still wants to win Slam #15 as much as he wanted #1. That persistence to stay in the fight when everyone seemed to have given up on him is why he is getting a shot at immortalizing himself in tennis history.

And what a difference a few weeks make. 127 people stood in the way of this achievement two weeks ago. Now only 1 remains, Andy Roddick.

Since Andy's back-to-back appearances in the final in 2004 and 2005, his performance at the tournament has not been at that incredible level. The most disappointing of those follow years was 2008, when he lost to Janko Tipsarevic in four sets in the second round.

A year ago most of the tennis community would not have given Andy much of a chance to make it to the Semi's much less the finals of Wimbledon. But this isn’t the Andy Roddick of a year ago.

If you have been watching him play over the last two months, it is obvious that a lot has changed. He is faster, fitter, more aggressive from the baseline and on return of serve. He appears to be improved in nearly every aspect of his game when compared to recent history.

On paper this is supposed to be a routine match and in three quick sets, Roger Federer gets Slam #15. In head to head matches Federer leads 18 -2.
Andy's two wins were on hard courts, again emphasizing that this should be quick match with Roddick providing little resistance to Roger’s assault.

But if it were that simple there would be no reason to watch tennis and this article would be talking about Andy Murray vs Roger Federer. On paper there was little likelihood that he could lose to Andy Roddick in the Semis.

So we are left with two options, trust the stats or use them to figure out how this could be an interesting match. Hopefully, you will choose the latter. If not you will likely miss out on one of the biggest events in tennis this year if not in our lifetimes.

Now for a quick rundown on what makes these guys two of the best grass court players of this generation.

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