Cubs in April: Pitch Speed

Harry PavlidisSenior Analyst IMay 2, 2008

A good April is a good April. May didn't start well, but that's another story.

Here are some PITCHf/x goodies. I'll post various items over the next few days.

Release points standardized to 55ft. Wrigley Field only, since the park-to-park differences are enough to make me cringe. I'll learn more about corrections to the data at the PITCHf/x Summit next weekend.

PFX is inches of spin movement from 40 ft to 1.417 ft. (home plate), other values are feet for release points and plate location. Degrees and Spin rate are also shown in some cases. Numbers subject to change if I find errors in my system. The mph going down the hundredths is questionable, the numbers aren't that precise.

Fastest Pitch - Cubs 2008 Home Games

Only three guys topped 95

% of Pitches 95+ mph

Here's everyone for the next slot down, including two who didn't break 90

% of Pitches 90-94 mph

Slow stuff - just the top 3

% of Pitches 75-79 mph

Slower stuff - just the top 3

% of Pitches 70-74 mph

Slowest stuff - just the top 3 - the only 3

% of Pitches <70