Dear Blazers GM Kevin Pritchard, Please No Lakers

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IJuly 4, 2009

General Manager Kevin Pritchard has never made a mistake since he signed on to help the Portland Trail Blazers become NBA Title contenders.

He made the right moves to bring Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge to Portland.  After winning the 2007 NBA lottery, he brought Greg Oden to the Portland Trail Blazers with the number one pick.

In Greg Oden's first season (after missing his rookie year) the Portland Trail Blazers won an astonishing 54 games, had home court advantage in the first round of the 2009 playoffs, and only lost because they encountered their worst case scenario: The Houston Rockets

Still, Portland played a valliant series against Houston before losing in six games.

Now it was time to bring in a few NBA players with long careers and deep playoff experience to help in the future of this young team. 

It was time to find the next Scottie Pippen.

Pritchard's first attempt to sign Hedo Turkoglu was yet another genius move.  Hedo would have given us a proven clutch NBA veteran who could not only lead by example in the playoffs but would allow us to trade Travis Outlaw and Martell Webster.

(Steve Nash...)

In a last minute decision, Hedo Turkoglu decided against Portland and opted to sign with the Toronto Raptors.  Even though Hedo will never contend for a title in Toronto, he will decide to sign with the Raptors for $60 million over Portland offer of $50 million. 

Fine, Hedo.  Take care of your wallet.  The economy is hard.  We understand.  Plus, Toronto is a better fit for someone from Turkey.  Closer to home, larger immigrant population.  No hard feelings.  Thanks anyhow.  Good luck.

But now Portland has some cash to spend...and I am hearing some disturbing rumors that guys like Los Angeles Lakers Lamar Odom could come to Portland.

I implore Kevin Pritchard to please, please, not bring anyone who has ever played for the Los Angeles Lakers to the city of Portland Oregon.

We do not want a former Laker.   Not one. 

The only Laker out there who could really help Portland in the playoffs is our worst enemy, Kobe Bryant.

For Portland to take someone who played for the Lakers last season would be the biggest upset move in sports history since the New York Yankees signed Red Sox's Johnny Damon. 

Damon was HATED in NYC and then the next day he played there. 

The NYC Yankees have not won the title or even had a good playoff run since aquiring Damon. 

Furthermore, nobody who has ever played for L.A. will want to come to Portland.  Nobody who has ever played for L.A. will come to Portland excited to help us win a championship.

They will come for the paycheck.  Period. 

Lastly, every season for the last four years there have been fights between Portland and L.A.  All of them, ALL of them, were started by the Lakers being the punks that they are. 

So PLEASE Kevin, no Lakers.

I know you will do the right thing.

You have never made a mistake thus far.