Uriah Hall Injury: Updates on UFC Star's Toe

Joseph ZuckerFeatured ColumnistJuly 5, 2014

USA Today

Updates from Sunday, July 6

TMZ Sports reported on Uriah Hall's injury and his recovery:

UFC fighter Uriah Hall is possibly one of the toughest dudes in MMA ... the guy won his fight last night on a broken toe -- and Uriah tells TMZ Sports it took FIVE PEOPLE to fix the break.


Uriah says his bone was partially sticking out ... so doctors quickly went to work snapping it back into place -- and it took 5 of them to finish the job. Now, Uriah's just rehabbing the injury and looking forward to his next fight.

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It doesn't take a doctor to see that something is very, very wrong with Uriah Hall's toe.

Bleacher Report MMA tweeted out a couple of grisly images of his damaged foot (Warning: Images are graphic and NSFW):

According to MMA Fighting's Ariel Helwani, Hall could actually feel the bone in his toe poking out of the skin:

Demonstrating exactly how tough he is, the 29-year-old continued using the injured foot to kick Thiago Santos, per Jason Jones of The Sacramento Bee:

Bleacher Report's Mike Freeman summed up the performance perfectly:

Hall won the fight, but it obviously came at a great cost. At least one of his toes is almost certainly broken, and there's no telling if he did any more damage to the foot as a whole. Continuing to fight only would've exacerbated the problem, too.

From this point forward, though, nobody will ever be able to question Hall's toughness. He's earned every UFC fan's respect in perpetuity.