Night shifts, day games, something's gotta give before I lose my mind

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Night shifts, day games, something's gotta give before I lose my mind
Lately, this young blogger has been kicking it during the graveyard shift, stocking shelves at night instead of standing around lazily and making fun of customers during the day. Unfortunately for I, when the Jays play at 1:00 pm and I'm asleep until 5 it makes it kinda difficult to catch a few innings of baseball. Today's devastating loss to the Yankees was one that I could only kind of follow due to my need for Zzz's, sure I could do what I normally do if I miss some of a game and look at the box scores and try some actual half-assed analysis. Or I can write about the game as I remember it from the times where I woke up and rolled over to look at the score before being lulled back to sleep by the sound of Rance Mullinik's voice. My only aid in this is checking gameday recaps to make sure I didn't imagine any of this.

- Wake up, realize the game is on (2-2 in the 3rd) put it on to hear Mrs. Doc talking about the food drive. I remember the camera cutting to Son of Doc at some point, Aaron Hill grounding out, a deep flyout from Jeter, Rance saying that Doc doesn't have his best stuff today after walking Johnny Damon. A-rod failed while I had my eyes closed and then I fell back asleep after a Scott Rolen double (21 games!) in the top of the 4th.

- After the start of a slightly inapproriate dream about Mrs Doc I get awoken by hearing the words "home run ___________" I have no idea by who, for what team, or anything. Just that somebody went yard about 3 minutes after I fell asleep. Gameday indicates Jorge Posada a likely candidate for this one.

- I slept through the Jays 6th inning rally and awoke in the top of the 7th to them up 5-3, yelled PLAYOFFS very loudly then rolled back over.

- Woke up again in the bottom of the 9th to the most terrifying words in the english language "Jesse Carlson dealing with the winning run on 2nd".

- I woke up from ensuing nightmare during a Rios at bat in the 11th, watched Delucci and Chavez also fail to cash in Wells and went back to sleep.

- The next time I woke up Jamie Campbell had turned into Joe Buck, Rance was now Tim McCarver, the Jays were the Phillies and the Yankees had become the Mets. 3 seconds later my phone rang and I had my girlfriend break the terrible news of the Blue Jays loss to me.

This was just a big unfortunate loss for the Jays, they need to salvage at least a split with the Yankees this series, Doc also needs to turn back into the cybernetic organism we all know he can be instead of this human nonsense.

Other than that I'm not in any position to comment on this game until I've had some coffee and take a look at a box score.

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