Tracking Manny - 4th of July Edition

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IJuly 4, 2009

So, I’m pretty sure no one reads my Manny Parra updates in general, but I know no one will read this one. I hope everyone is out enjoying the nice weather and celebrating our great country’s birthday. For those of you us losers either inside or having to work (me), I give you the Manny updated. Parra had a start last night and it was good….really good. Here’s the line:

7IP  2H  0R  0ER  2BB  7K  86-52Pitches-Strikes

Check out that pitch total. 86 pitches in 7 innings. You’ve got to love that as a Brewers fan. Yeah, he still walked two, but he was obviously efficient. Hopefully Parra will keep it up.

As most know, Seth McClung sucked Friday against the Cubs, and Ken Macha made it seem like McClung is headed back to the bullpen. With an off-day Monday, the Brewers don’t need a fifth starter until next Saturday. Will we see Manny? Personally I don’t have an opinion. What other options are better? I’d be okay with seeing Tim Dillard or even Chase Wright. I still think it’s too early to bring up Chris Cody. I guess we’ll wait and see.

P.S. I hope all you Crew fans are enjoying the beat-down the Cubs are being handed by the Brewers today. Especially after that terrible ending to yesterday’s game. How about McGehee. As of right now he’s four for four with a home run, five RBI and three runs. ::obligatory knock on wood::