NFL Mourns Another Loss: Steve McNair

Amanda McCarthyContributor IJuly 4, 2009

Words cannot seem to flow out properly right now.  After hearing the devastating news of the tragic murder of Steve McNair, I have been in a state of shock.  McNair wasn't just a strong and determined player, he was a dedicated and generous person, as well. 

Growing up following the Tennessee Titans, I never once saw McNair in a dim light.  He was always a hero to the team and the community.  He seemed to care about his team more than his own well-being.  Though some bitterness arose in the end of his Tennessee tenure, he still kept his composure and exhibited himself as a true competitor and an amazing athlete.

It's hard to describe my exact feelings of grief at the moment, but what I can feel is my heart going out to Steve McNair's family and the family of the other victim.  I mourn along with all Titans fans, NFL fans, and sports fans in general.  I will forever remember Steve McNair as a true champion and an even greater person! 

R.I.P. Steve McNair