Breaking Down How Paul Pierce Sign-and-Trade Could Work for Los Angeles Clippers

D.J. Foster@@fosterdjContributor IJuly 5, 2014

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Paul Pierce finding his way to the Los Angeles Clippers seems fitting on the surface, but there are certainly roadblocks in the way of that happening.

The first, and most substantial, is money. The Clippers have no cap space to offer Pierce, who is an unrestricted free agent. They did have their mid-level exception to use at the beginning of the offseason, but the reported signing of Spencer Hawes by Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports changes that:

After the Hawes deal, it now appears as though Los Angeles has to pony up either a first-round pick or J.J. Redick in its hunt for Pierce: 

As opposed to the Clippers who are now out of resources, the Brooklyn Nets can offer Pierce up to a max contract if they so desired.

That's because Brooklyn owns Pierce's Bird Rights and can exceed the cap as much as they'd like to retain him. They wouldn't do this, you'd think, just because it would result in even more massive luxury-tax payments, but this isn't a franchise that is financially limited when it comes to retaining Pierce.

BROOKLYN, NY - MAY 12: Paul Pierce #34 of the Brooklyn Nets celebrates in Game Four of the Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Miami Heat during the 2014 NBA Playoffs on May 12, 2014 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. NOTE TO USER: User expressly ackno
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The only likely option that could satisfy all parties would be a sign-and-trade. Pierce would get a salary that would pay him more than he could get on a capped-out contender (the mid-level exception MLEat $5.3 million), the Clippers would reunite him with his former coach, Doc Rivers, and the Nets would get something out of it instead of watching Pierce walk out the door for nothing.

As Ramona Shelburne and Ohm Youngmisuk of reported on July 3, L.A. is actively pursuing this route:

The Los Angeles Clippers have engaged in conversations with the Brooklyn Nets to try to construct a sign-and-trade that would reunite small forward Paul Pierce with Doc Rivers, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.

Rivers, the Clippers' president and coach, has had several conversations with Pierce since he became a free agent July 1.

The Clippers have other small forwards to offer Brooklyn in an exchange, such as Jared Dudley, Matt Barnes or Reggie Bullock, but the Nets are a franchise firmly in "win-now" mode and may not be willing to admit that the trade for Pierce and Kevin Garnett that robbed them of future draft picks was a mistake.

Trading Pierce, at this juncture, may not be something Brooklyn is ready to do, especially for the lackluster package the Clippers can offer. 

It might be a different story if the Clippers had better assets to offer up, but it doesn't seem like trading J.J. Redick or even Jamal Crawford would be a wise decision.

Pierce is still a good player, but he's no longer as productive as either Redick or Crawford, offensively, and more importantly, he's significantly closer to the end of his career, whereas the Clippers current wings each have at least a few solid years with little decline left in them.

MIAMI, FL - May 8: Paul Pierce #34 of the Brooklyn Nets handles the ball against the Miami Heat in Game Two of the Eastern Conference Semifinals of the 2014 NBA playoffs at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida on May 8, 2014. NOTE TO USER: User e
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Of course, something is better than nothing for the Nets. If Pierce threatens to sign for the MLE with another contender or tells Brooklyn he won't be returning regardless of the salary offered (which seems unlikely), then the Nets will need to either call Pierce's bluff and see if he'll walk or negotiate a trade with the destination he chooses.

"Sources say that the Clippers' pieces aren't enough at the moment for the Nets, should Brooklyn opt to go the sign-and-trade route," Shelburne and Youngmisuk reported. "While nothing is imminent, it's possible a potential trade could expand to more teams as discussions progress."

Getting other teams involved may be the best scenario for both sides, as a third team could potentially offer Brooklyn the backcourt help they need after Shaun Livingston's departure in free agency for the Golden State Warriors.

The third team would need to covet at least one of the Clippers' movable assets, but Reggie Bullock looks like a nice three-and-D prospect, and Barnes is a strong defender that should have appeal across the league.

Here's Seerat Sohi at explaining why Barnes is a great glue guy:

It’s an unglamorous existence, spending your career in the backdrop of a system’s mechanics, but it’s the kind that saves possessions and determines successful execution. Put simply, if Chris Paul is the engine that makes the Clippers go, a player like Barnes is the drivetrain.

That brings on a whole different question. Is Pierce really a substantial upgrade over Barnes at this stage in his career? The Clippers had the league's best offense last year in terms of efficiency, and Barnes was involved in some of the team's best lineups. Pierce has a lot of miles on the odometer at age 36, and even though he's a smart team defender, he's not on the same level as Barnes.

OAKLAND, CA - MAY 1: Matt Barnes #22 of the Los Angeles Clippers in a game against the Golden State Warriors in Game Six of the Western Conference Quarterfinals during the 2014 NBA Playoffs at Oracle Arena on May 1, 2014 in Oakland, California. NOTE TO US
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Given the use of the MLE on Hawes, a stretch big man first and foremost, defensive acquisitions should probably be the focus at this stage. Pierce was once a very good defender, but he's limited now. 

That said, Pierce could definitely make the Clippers offense even more explosive, and it's clear that Rivers has an affinity for veterans he's familiar with. You feel good about going into a playoff game with Paul Pierce on your side.

In April, Pierce told Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News about his flair for the dramatic—more specifically, being clutch.

"Everybody don’t have it," Paul Pierce said. "Everybody is not born with it. You can’t buy it at Costco or Walgreens."

For now, it doesn't appear that the Nets are willing to give up on Pierce so easily for that reason, especially with Kevin Garnett looking like he'll play another year. 

The best bet for Pierce reuniting with Rivers in Los Angeles involves a lot of cooperation.

A third team will need to be included, Pierce will need to convince Brooklyn he's willing to take less salary if need be and the Nets will have to be ready to punt on the Pierce-Garnett trade after just one season.

It's not impossible, but the Hawes signing removes some of the Clippers' leverage in negotiations. Brooklyn knows now that Pierce almost certainly wouldn't sign for the veteran's minimum, so the Nets can be more comfortable in calling his bluff.

Everything will likely need to align just right for the Clippers to make a sign-and-trade for Pierce work, but for right now, it doesn't appear that Brooklyn is ready to play ball quite yet. 


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