5 Fighters Boxing Fans Love to Hate

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5 Fighters Boxing Fans Love to Hate
Martin Meissner/Associated Press

Hate comes with the territory.

The unshakable confidence, swagger and self-worth needed to make it at the highest levels of boxing can also be characteristics that turn people off.

The confidence a boxer exudes often comes off as arrogance or cockiness to the average person. That public persona is often found annoying but is necessary in their world.

Think of it like the best cornerbacks in the NFL; they need that confidence to survive. They're often left on an island with a receiver and asked to excel in a nearly impossible task. No one notices them if they do their job well for the most part, but anytime a receiver scores or is wide-open on a deep pass, they're instantly vilified.

Boxers, like cornerbacks, have to possess great confidence and a short-term memory. They're going to get beat at times. They're going to get knocked down at times. If they dwell on it and let it shake their confidence, they're done.

Once doubt creeps into the picture, their performance will decline. They have to accept they will get beat or caught with a big punch from time to time and use it as motivation to get better, but they can never admit those failures make them a lesser player or boxer.

A boxer or corner who doubts himself will make more mistakes when not playing with the same confidence and aggressiveness that made him successful. Overthinking or being in your own head is their biggest enemy.

In our world we can't act like that or we likely won't have many friends or people who want to hang out with us. Their world is different, and people often hate what they don't understand.

Obviously another factor is the envy people feel towards money or fame. I don't think most people begrudge a fighter who makes a lot of money because they obviously have to work hard and risk a lot to get to the top level of their sport.

We just don't like it when people flaunt it, which several people on this list do quite often. 

One guy who barely missed the list is Wladimir Klitschko.

The long-time heavyweight champion didn't make this list of the most-hated fighters, but I'm aware he would be on the personal list for many fans.

I think most of the animosity towards the younger Klitschko brother is due to his long reign atop the heavyweight division. People love to hate the Yankees, Lakers and Duke because they always win, and we like to see new faces step into the mix; the same applies to Klitschko.

It also doesn't help him that he's from Ukraine during a period of boxing when American fans are starved for one of their own to be a serious heavyweight champion.

Two notes before we get started with the list: Not all of these guys are boxers I personally hate, and they're not ranked in order.

Now to the list; let the argument begin!

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