Ranking the Worst Boxing Scorecards in 2014 so Far

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Ranking the Worst Boxing Scorecards in 2014 so Far
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Unfortunately, for a sport I love, boxing too often receives negative headlines. Those headlines come from the ridiculous decisions made by organizing bodies, fighters ducking other fighters and, of course, bad scorecards or decisions that make the casual fan question the integrity of the sport.

The integrity question gets thrown around too often. Yes, there is some corruption—nearly every sport, business or government has to deal with at least some corruption—but for the most part, the people being accused of it have nothing to gain.

With the growing popularity of MMA an always existent threat, the last thing boxing can afford is a huge scandal involving its integrity that would drive fans away for good. I'm not saying that scandals won't happen, but sometimes problems are caused by incompetence and not corruption.

That being said, terrible scorecards are still an issue and a black eye for the sport. As there are every year, 2014 has had some real head-scratching moments through the first half of the year.

Most trophies are named after a figure in that field who exemplified greatness. In this case the title of worst scorecard should be dubiously named after C.J. Ross or Duane Ford. Like one of those celebrity couple mash-up names, for now the award will be known as the "Ross-Ford Award for Scorecard Un-Excellence."

Has a nice ring to it, right?

Picking the scorecards for this list was easy. Of course, there could have been an awful score turned in during a local show or international fight that I didn't see, but the scores here are all worthy of being mentioned.

What was difficult was ordering them.

The scores ranked as the worst were the ones where I thought the bad score was beyond the margin of error or the room for disagreement. Three judges will rarely see a fight exactly the same way because of a different preference of styles, disagreements in what it takes to win a round, or sometimes something as simple as having a different view of the fight from one judge position to another.

The worst three cards on this list were beyond those exceptions or excuses. The judges involved should honestly have their vision checked and have to go through more training before scoring a major fight again.

Without further delay, here are the worst cards of the year counting down from No. 6 all the way to No 1.

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