WWE NXT Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from July 3, 2014

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistJuly 4, 2014

WWE NXT Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from July 3, 2014

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    Credit: WWE.com

    The saga of Tyson Kidd dominated the July 3 episode of NXT. While the last month has not necessarily been good to the former WWE tag team champion and Total Divas cast member, he would successfully recruit another Superstar to join him on his journey out of mediocrity and into greatness.

    That Superstar would be Justin Gabriel, and his loss to Sami Zayn in the night's main event may have been the emphasis for his change in attitude.

    Only NXT champion Adrian Neville could prevent the duo of Gabriel and Kidd from doing real damage to Zayn. Could the events of Thursday's show lead to a blockbuster tag match in the weeks to come? Only time will tell.

    Elsewhere on the show, NXT women's champion Charlotte continued her winning ways, teaming with Sasha Banks to knock off the very game Bayley and Becky Lynch while "Big Cass" Colin Cassady made short work of the Legionnaire's Sylvester Lefort.

    Relive the latest episode of NXT now with all of the grades, highlights and analysis from July 3's WWE Network broadcast.

Colin Cassady vs. Sylvester Lefort

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Last week, Enzo Amore made his return to NXT after a long hiatus and injected some much-appreciated energy and excitement into the show. This week, he accompanied Cassady to the ring for his match against Lefort, seconded by Marcus Louis.

    Amore and Cassady delivered their pre-match promo, complete with all of the catchphrases, before Lefort and Louis made their entrance.

    Cassady finished off Lefort in seconds following the Empire Elbow.



    Cassady, via pinfall, following the Empire Elbow.


    Highlights and Quotes

    "What about Marcus Louis? He'd scare a police horse, wouldn't he?" -William Regal

    "It's their battle flag, you know. It's a white cross on a white background." -Regal on the French flag






    Amore and Cassady make up one of the best acts in NXT, and the energy they bring to the NXT Arena is unmatched. Their catchphrases are incredibly over, and the crowd loves them. Cassady's win was anything but competitive, proving that Lefort and Louis are anything but threats Big Cass and Amore.

Bayley and Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte and Sasha Banks

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    Becky Lynch made her NXT debut last week with a big win over main roster Diva and BFF member Summer Rae. This week, she teams with the lovable Bayley to take on the two remaining BFFs, Sasha Banks and NXT women's champion Charlotte.

    Bayley and Becky Lynch double-teamed and frustrated women's champion Charlotte early, taking her over with a double suplex before taking down a charging Sasha with a clothesline.

    The heels took over control of the match following an attack on Bayley outside the squared circle. They isolated Bayley from her partner and kept her from making the tag.

    Lynch got the hot tag and exploded into the bout, taking both of the BFFs down. Unfortunately, a well-placed drop kick to the knee and the Bow Down to the Queen finisher put Lynch away.

    After the match, Bayley dumped a trash-talking Banks out of the ring while Charlotte left alone.



    Charlotte and Sasha Banks, via pinfall, when Charlotte pinned Becky Lynch.


    Highlights and Quotes

    "Unfortunately Byron, when you become champion, there are many people who don't like you anymore." -Regal on the dissension within the BFF

    "Bayley hasn't met a person she hasn't wanted to befriend. I'm convinced Bayley would even like you, Mr. Regal." -Byron Saxton






    A strong Divas match between four very capable young women.

    Becky Lynch brings a ton of energy to the ring on the babyface side while Bayley is so likable that she makes for an excellent, sympathetic heroine.

    Charlotte shows such command between the ropes for someone as inexperienced as she is. Considering how in control she is of every match in which she competes, there is little doubt that she will one day be the standard-bearer for women's wrestling in WWE.

    Banks is still very underrated but seems to always find herself overshadowed by her tag team partner—unfortunately.

CJ Parker vs. Steve Cutler

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    CJ Parker displayed an anti-Xavier Woods sign prior to the match, indicating that he is headed for a program with the main roster Superstar.

    Parker dominated Cutler and put him away after a minute with a big heel kick.

    The more aggressive Parker kicked his beaten opponent out of the ring and grabbed a microphone after the match as the crowd chanted, "no!"

    Parker threatened Woods, saying he was coming for him and criticizing the lack of success he has had in WWE.



    CJ Parker, via pinfall, following the heel kick.


    Highlights and Quotes

    "Look at those bloody trunks. There's enough grease on them to make a pound of donuts." -Regal on Parker

    "Go away, hippie!" -Regal

    "Yes, I know, there's only 1,000 panda bears left. I've managed 46 years without seeing one." -Regal

    "The best place to hide something from him is underneath the soap." -Regal

    "Xavier Woods, you have what I want, you have what I need, and I am coming for you." -Parker





    A fine reintroduction for Parker, who flopped tremendously as the Moon Child, as he displays more aggression following a recent heel turn.

    The angry environmentalist character fits Parker far better than the previous gimmick, and a program with Woods is a great way to kick off his renewed push. Woods has the uncanny way of making his opponents look better than they did before wrestling him, and at this point, that is exactly what Parker needs right now.

Sami Zayn vs. Justin Gabriel

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    Two weeks ago, Zayn was left to fend for himself in a match against tag champions The Ascension by partner Kidd. This week, he looked to get back on track as he met former WWE tag team champion Gabriel one-on-one.

    Speaking of Kidd, he accompanied former partner Gabriel to the ring for the main event.

    The competitors grappled early with each gaining a brief moment of control. Zayn countered an armdrag attempt into a hammerlock in a cool spot.

    The grapples continue several minutes in, perhaps a bit too long, before Gabriel exploded with a clothesline that took Zayn down. He pounded away as we headed to break.

    The Superstars exchanged forearms to the face as we returned from break. Gabriel ended the trading with a big, jumping heel kick for two.

    Zayn delivered a side suplex to try to regain control, but Gabriel planted him with another stiff clothesline. The Canadian competitor finally built some momentum and mounted a comeback with a series of clotheslines and a big drop kick as the NXT Universe cheered him on.

    Zayn delivered a nasty Exploder suplex into the corner, dropping his opponent on his head, neck and shoulder in the process. Gabriel recovered, dodging the Helluva Kick and delivering a springboard thrust kick.

    A big springboard moonsault from Gabriel netted a two count.

    Zayn planted Gabriel and locked in the Koji Clutch for the submission win in a very competitive match.

    After the match, Kidd attacked Zayn as the commentators blamed Kidd's mounting frustration. Gabriel joined in before NXT champion Adrian Neville hit the ring and chased the heels off.



    Zayn, via submission, with the Koji Clutch 


    Highlights and Quotes

    "It makes it very hard to compete against someone on your level." -Regal, on the number of matches featuring Superstars of similar styles

    "Shame or no shame, you want to win." -Saxton

    "We always talk about his high-flying ability, but look what he is capable of when it comes to his ground game." -Regal on Gabriel






    It was a great, competitive match between Zayn and Gabriel to cap off the night's broadcast.

    Gabriel turned in one of the best performances of his WWE career as he appeared motivated to have a great match with the consistently outstanding Zayn. Like Kidd, he is a Superstar who could benefit exponentially from working full-time on NXT.

    The post-match heel turn from Gabriel and the save from Neville should set up a very competitive tag team bout in the near future. All four men are incredibly talented workers who work well together and can carry the brand if asked to.

    The pairing between Kidd and Gabriel, in particular, is one with great potential. They had once made for an entertaining babyface team on the main roster. How they perform as the top villains in NXT remains to be seen.