Van Persie, Rodriguez, Cahill: World Cup's Best Goals Made into Posters

Will TideySenior Manager, GlobalJuly 3, 2014

This World Cup has seen some truly memorable goals, some of which are destined to fall into the "iconic" category and stand the test of time.

The artist Rick Hincks has paid tribute to some of them with his unique style of minimalist posters.

His take on Robin van Persie's diving header against Spain is above.

Here's Tim Cahill's outrageous volley for Australia against Netherlands.

And what about James Rodriguez's swivel and volley for Colombia against Uruguay—a goal that announced Rodriguez to the world and marked him out as a potential superstar.

Hincks has a back catalogue to admire also, featuring classic goals from the likes of Geoff Hurst, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Diego Maradona.

Great stuff.