Slim Thug Is Actively Recruiting Carmelo Anthony to Play for Houston Rockets

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJuly 2, 2014

Warning: Media in article contains NSFW language.

Slim Thug is on a mission, and that mission is to bring Carmelo Anthony to the Houston Rockets at all costs. 

The Houston-based rapper took to Twitter on Tuesday and made several propositions to Anthony about the fine life he could be living down in Texas. 

Slim Thug’s approach began with a suggestion that he and Anthony meet up to buy some jewelry:

Next was an appeal to Melo’s wife, La La. He told the New York Knicks star that his leading lady would love shopping at Houston’s Galleria mall:

Indeed, The Galleria is a fine establishment with an ice skating rink in the cafeteria. Then again, Slim Thug knows Anthony doesn't want to freeze to death in his new home. He cited Chicago’s cold weather and gun violence as reasons the small forward and his family should avoid signing with the Bulls:

This isn't the first time Slim Thug offered to roll out the red carpet in hopes of landing Houston a big-time free agent.

Just last year, the rapper put the full-court press on Dwight Howard, citing adult entertainment and low child-support payments as reasons the former Lakers big man should sign with the Rockets. 

Clearly, Slim Thug tailors his recruiting pitch to fit his target. If you have a spouse, Thug is pitching the family angle. If you’re living the bachelor life, he’ll show you the best clubs in town. 

Say what you will about his style, but Slim Thug might be the leading sports recruiter in the rap game. Howard signed with the Rockets, and while Thugga’s influence on that decision is unknown, it would be a telling indication if Houston were to land Anthony. 

Paul Wall may be the "people’s champ," but Slim Thug is holding the city of Houston down. He's not even on an NBA payroll, and he's willing to do more to recruit Carmelo Anthony than Derrick Rose.


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