Kansas City Chiefs: Glenn Dorsey the Next Big Thing?

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Kansas City Chiefs: Glenn Dorsey the Next Big Thing?
The Kansas City Chiefs are looking forward to starting there new season. Now I know some of you die hard Chiefs fans are already talking about Glenn Dorsey being the "Rookie of The Year" but keep in mind he hasn't signed. I understand that the Chiefs will do what ever it takes to sign Dorsey. If Dorsey does sign then he'll be one of the dominating forces in the AFC but you also have to remember that there were great players taken in the NFL Draft like Darren McFadden, oh yeah and the next Dan Marino in Matt Ryan was taken too. So Dorsey will absolutley not win the "Rookie of The Year" and will not win "Defense Rookie of The Year" because Chris Long is already a sure thing to win that award not because he has one the best defensive players EVER!!! as his dad Howie Long but because he push himself every day. 

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