Five Sporting Events I Wish I Could Have Attended

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Five Sporting Events I Wish I Could Have Attended

Here are five events in sports I wish I could have attended.

5. Game 6 of the 1986 World Series (Buckner)

Being a Mets fan, this probably wouldn't be on anybody else's list but for me, my heart would have skipped a few beats when Mookie Wilson got up to the plate, and after the 10th pitch and I saw the ground ball my hope would be devastated, thank God for Buckner.

Now, I know I am going to get ripped for this by all Red Sox fans, but I also like the Red Sox. So, nothing against the Sox. 

4. Babe Ruth "Calls His Shot"

Now, I truly believe that this happened because I believe that being the baseball God that he is, he can do it.

Being a World Series game would have only made it better, and a truly amazing play in baseball history.

Also in that game, Ruth and Gehrig hit back-to-back shots. It would have been a fun game to attend to.

3. Joe Lewis knocks out Max Schmelling In Rematch

For those who don't know Joe Lewis is considered to be one of the best boxers of all time, holding the heavyweight championship for over 10 years, and was the probably even more significant than Jackie Robinson in black rights.

Anyways, his first loss was handed to him by an early Nazi symbol, Max Schmelling, and Louis kind of thought he would win that match.

He didn't train too hard or think Schmelling had a chance, nobody thought he had a chance.

Well, a year later Joe got the heavyweight championshipby beating James Braddock, the current champion, but was still upset over that Schmelling fight.

A year later, Joe got his wish when he was told he was going to fight Schmelling.

A few weeks before the fight, FDR spoke to Joe telling him "We need muscles like yours to beat Germany."

With millions of people listening on the radio and over 70,000,crowded into Yankee Stadium, the fight lasted a little over two minutes, and Joe came back a hero.

After the fight, Schmelling went back to Germany and was fighting on the front line.

2. "The Play"

Nov. 20 1982.

Cal vs. Stanford.

California is down five with little time remaining.

Stanford kicks it off, and during that kick return the Bears make five lateral passes to break free but when he gets to about the 15-yard line (don't quote me).

The Stanford band is on the field celebrating a Stanford victory. Moen ran over a clueless trombone player and the Bears won the game.


1. The "Miracle On Ice"

The U.S. hockey team wins the semi-final match-up the Olympics in 1980, against the mighty Soviet Union.

Why would not want to go to this game? A bunch of college players coached by the great Herb Brooks.

The U.S. fell behind early, as usual in those Olympic games and were victorious in the end.

How great would it have been to storm the ice and cheer on the team which completed one of the most improbable victory ever.

What’s your favorite sporting events of all time?

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