Why Bray Wyatt Needs to Win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJuly 2, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

At Sunday’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view, Bray Wyatt came up short in his attempt to get the WWE World Heavyweight Championship (John Cena won the match).

Going by the events of Monday’s Raw, the cult leader now seems to be heading for a feud with the recently returned Chris Jericho. 

While this program will no doubt be entertaining—Wyatt is really hitting his stride as a character right now, and Jericho always churns out quality television—it does serve to further distance the former NXT star from the World title picture.

This is too bad, since he really does need to win the title soon.

Credit: WWE.com

For one thing, he risks losing momentum if he continues to float around in the upper midcard. As noted, he’s fairly over with the WWE fanbase at the moment, many of whom are even actively cheering for him, and the company should make the most of it by giving him the belt on an upcoming pay-per-view.

It’s time the title was used to elevate someone new anyway, and Wyatt is as good a person as any.

We’ve seen what happens to other wrestlers whose momentum has stalled: Promising up-and-comers like Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, John Morrison, Ryback and R-Truth had their potential squandered by the company’s reluctance to give them a main event push while they were hot.

Credit: WWE.com

Is it a surprise they all failed on top when hindered by an unsupportive booking crew? Of course not.

Surely fans won’t have to see Wyatt’s name added to that long list too? WWE has something special in him and needs to act on it.

Besides, the title picture desperately needs some new faces. Cena being champion again isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does indicate that the company is pretty much out of ideas.

Credit: WWE.com

You could argue that the last thing people need to see is another Cena vs. Wyatt program. The two have already faced each other three times on pay-per-view this year alone, after all. But you can put Wyatt in the title mix without having to put him directly against Cena again.

Or just have The Marine star drop the belt to someone else soon, then have Wyatt feud with that person. The booking team has a myriad of bold new options right now; it just has to have the bravery to follow through with them.

Besides, there’s no reason to think Wyatt wouldn’t perform well as champion. He’s over, talented, charismatic and continues to improve as an in-ring performer.

Why not give him a chance? Unless the booking team is so devoted to Cena, it can’t see anyone else in the role of top guy.