Home Plate Umpire in 'MLB 14 The Show' Teaches Yasiel Puig How to Flip the Bat

Kyle Newport@@KyleNewportFeatured ColumnistJuly 2, 2014

via YouTube

Yasiel Puig is an expert at flipping the bat after he hits the ball, but in case he needed any tips, he should just play MLB 14 The Show.

The video game features an awesome scene that shows the Los Angeles Dodgers phenom getting a lesson on flipping the bat from the home plate umpire.

If gamers want to see this happen while playing, it's pretty simple. The scene occurs if a user holds the ball on the mound—obviously while pitching against Puig—and leaves the game unpaused for more than 30 seconds. The cameras zoom around the ballpark and show a few different scenes. 

This feature should make you want to buy MLB 14 The Show even if you already have a recent version of the game.

[YouTube, h/t Deadspin]