Jack Swagger Will Return to Relevance with Rusev Feud

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistJuly 2, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

With the recent airing of the now iconic Money in the Bank winner, it seems appropriate that the WWE has given a former briefcase winner one final shot at redemption.

No, we're not talking about Damien Sandow's hideous impersonation of Vince McMahon on Raw this past week. We're talking about Jack Swagger and the apparent face turn that took place on Raw when he confronted Rusev.

The Bulgarian (he's not Russian) has been on a real crusade since moving up to the main roster, and he has almost swatted away each and every opponent he's faced with relative ease. However, the tide could be about to turn for Rusev, who could find things much tougher against Swagger.

Let's not forget that Swagger is a former world heavyweight champion, and he's a very, very talented wrestler inside the ring. That amateur background provides an ideal backdrop for a career with the WWE (think Kurt Angle, for example), and only limp booking has prevented him from really kicking on.

Often, two completely separate storylines collide with sheer coincidence to give two men a real push. While Rusev is no doubt on the right path, he could have gone stale had the WWE just let him squash people week after week.

Swagger has been slipping down the card at a rate of knots since his split from Cesaro, but this could well be the move that saves his career. It was a huge surprise when he and Zeb Colter emerged to square off with Rusev and Lana, and his face turn got off to a solid start with some good mic work from the lovable Colter.

The USA vs. Russia feud was teased with Big E's pair of matches against Rusev, but it feels like Swagger is the best fit to play the patriotic American if the WWE wants to persist with the rivalry. After all, he is a "Real American."

Swagger and Colter are the perfect people to battle against Rusev in a feud that will have a positive impact on everyone involved. Rusev's heat levels will only continue to grow as he takes down a patriotic American, while Swagger will return to relevance by taking on a guy with huge momentum.

There's a big dilemma approaching for the WWE with this rivalry, though, as it is a delicate decision to determine who comes out on top.

Is Rusev ready to lose yet? Perhaps not, but making Swagger the first man to knock him off would be a big feather in his cap moving forward. The pro-American gimmick is fantastic, and Jack Swagger should finally regain importance among WWE fans while working as a babyface.