John Cena Must Carry WWE Again with Daniel Bryan out of Action Long-Term

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJuly 2, 2014


One of the biggest news stories coming out of Money in the Bank on Sunday was Daniel Bryan’s announcement in the pre-show that he could need another surgery on his troubled neck.

Per Bryan, his recovery from his first operation in May isn’t going nearly as well as was hoped, and his career is in a precarious position right now.

This is obviously terrible news for Bryan, who finally broke through this year as a big-time main-event babyface this year.

Potentially having to take a year off for major neck fusion surgery right now is some truly awful timing. He might never get back on top.

It’s also dreadful news for WWE, which has now lost yet another major star.

Not only that, Bryan was seemingly the only star in recent times who had even come close to emulating the star power, popularity and appeal of John Cena.


Now, without Bryan on the roster, Vince McMahon and his team of bookers have to rely on Cena once again.

It’s just like 2008 all over again. Hey, maybe we can have another Randy Orton vs. Cena feud?

The first indication of WWE once again throwing its full weight behind Cena came at Money in the Bank, when the star left the Boston event with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.


Going in, he seemed to be the expected winner. And he did at least receive a few cheers from his hometown fans in Boston, who appeared to appreciate his win.

But what did the victory indicate to us?

Well, it is perhaps telling that the company refused to go with a new star like Roman Reigns, Cesaro or Bray Wyatt as champion. It may see them as unproven commodities that aren’t yet capable of being the centerpiece on the show.

Going forward, the creative clearly thinks it will have to rely on Cena to carry the promotion. While many fans may roll their eyes at WWE’s lack of originality and over-reliance on an arguably stale act, this mentality is understandable.


Who else but Cena has the sterling track record with ratings, pay-per-view buys and ticket sales? Of course WWE feels it has to go with himwho else is there?

WWE has fiercely protected the 12 Rounds star for years now—often at the expense of promising up-and-comers like Wade Barrett, Bray Wyatt and Zack Ryder. And now he’s the only major star left to turn to.

At this point, he’s the cause of the problem and the solution, strange as it sounds.

Is the company’s dependence on Cena worrying? Absolutely. Especially when you consider his age—he’s 37—and his recent history of muscle tears and injuries. He’s not a guy you should be building your future on.

But, really, for now, he’s the only option WWE has left. And how depressing is that?