The Best of the Rest: The Men Behind Roger Federer In His Era

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The Best of the Rest: The Men Behind Roger Federer In His Era

Since Federer's first Grand Slam victory on Grass in 2003, the biggest call against the one many call The Greatest That Ever Breathed, is the lack of competition in his era.

First off, I think there's something wrong with a sport and the way it is organized if in a time with larger communication, transport and sponsorship opportunity, there is anything but a deep pool of talent the world can watch go head to head.

The biggest point of them all is boxing, Heavyweight boxing in particular, it's critics are endless and they have a claim. However just because the good fights are not being made does not mean there is a lack of great heavyweight fighters. I am certain there are, but the money doesn't make the scouts go round anymore, and that's the problem, not to mention the corruption the sport has long had.

Not so the story of tennis, like golf, it's popularity never wanes, maybe in part due to the physical benefit of playing the sport and the ease of which you can get into it.

That said, whenever one player of all there are to behold is so untouchable, and so legendary in his accomplishments, there is always going to be that question mark, how is this possible?

I for one believe Federer just makes all the other players look worse than they actually are. Watching hours and hours of archive footage from matches in the era of Becker and Connors, if anything, a Top 20 ranked player today is better conditioned and more intelligent, and would probably beat the greats of yesteryear, but that's a bit controversial, so I won't get in too deep.

What I will showcase is in my opinion the ten greatest players below Federer who have played since his first Wimbledon Title in 2003.


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