WWE Money in the Bank Losers That Need a Win at Battleground

Tom Clark@tomclarkbrFeatured ColumnistJuly 2, 2014

Luke Harper
Luke Harpercredit: wwe.com

WWE's Money in the Bank event is in the books and proved to be an exciting one for many fans. The night saw a successful tag team title defense, a Mr. Money in the Bank crowned and a new WWE World champion.

But with every set of winners, there is of course a set of losers. Money in the Bank is certainly no exception.

So, which WWE Superstars that came up short at MITB must secure a victory at Battleground?

WWE's next big event is Sunday, July 20 and will surely feature some rematches from Money in the Bank. Battleground could be a night of redemption for those talents that could not get the job done before.

Dean Ambrose

The former Shield member and WWE's current resident lunatic has been a man on a mission since Seth Rollins' betrayal back on June 2. It was on that edition of Raw that Rollins turned his back on Ambrose and Roman Reigns, effectively ending WWE's most dominant faction of all time.

The Shield ran above everyone else in the company for nearly two years. It dominated every team that challenged it and showed no fear in any situation.

The self-proclaimed Hounds of Justice took the fight straight to WWE and backed down from no one.

So when Rollins decided to align himself with Triple H and The Authority, he completely ignored everything The Shield had stood for. He sold the group out and sealed the deal by brutally attacking both Ambrose and Reigns with a steel chair.

Since then, Seth has been at Triple H's right hand. Hailed as the future of WWE, Rollins has it all right now.

However, Dean Ambrose is hot on his heels.

The ladder match at Money in the Bank proved to be something of a coming-out party for both Rollins and Ambrose. They arguably stole the show over the other four Superstars in the match, and it was a night that many Shield fans will not soon forget.

But the fact is that Rollins won the briefcase and the guaranteed WWE title shot that night, while Dean came up empty.

His luck must change at Battleground.

Every week, fans see Ambrose ambush Rollins in the ring, and Rollins just narrowly escapes. At some point, these two men must face off and finally go to war in a one-on-one environment. Battleground would be the perfect theater for that war.

The Wyatt Family

Erick Rowan and Luke Harper brought their wild style to Money in the Bank when they challenged the WWE tag team champions, The Usos.

The two teams have been feuding for several weeks now, and the prize for the winners of this feud is of course championship gold.  

The Wyatts came up short at Money in the Bank, though. The Usos remain tag team champions, and while they have truly come into their own as WWE's team to beat, many fans believe it's only a matter of time until Rowan and Harper finally win the belts.

It may not appear like it at first glance, but the truth is that The Wyatts are the perfect antagonists for The Usos. Their dynamic is very similar to that of teams from the past, and it's evident in the way they match up to each other.

Like The Rock & Roll Express versus The Russians back in the NWA, The Usos are the exciting and dynamic pair fighting insurmountable odds against a team they should have no chance of beating.

Yet they find a way to win.

The Usos bring speed, agility and high-flying moves to the smashmouth, hard-edge reality of The Wyatts, and both teams match up very well together. At some point, however, Rowan and Harper should go over for the championships.

Assuming this rematch is slated for Battleground, The Wyatts need to shine. They need to be showcased as a serious tag team threat, not just as Bray Wyatt's followers. Rowan and Harper need to look good and allow The Usos to look good as well.

At the end of the day, The Wyatt Family should dominate to the point where it's clear the belts will be changing hands.

Jack Swagger

Jack Swagger was one of the ladder match participants at Money in the Bank. Even though he did not go over for the briefcase, he still has a chance at doing something fun and exciting for his character at Battleground.

It was on the June 30 edition of Raw that Swagger and Zeb Colter interrupted Rusev and Lana in the middle of the ring.

For quite a while, Rusev and Lana had used their anti-America rhetoric to criticize the United States with every opportunity.

However, Swagger and Colter had enough and decided to voice their own opinions on what the pair had been saying about America. While it seemed to be a very unlikely moment, it also seemed to fit at the same time.

Swagger and Colter got over the instant they opposed Rusev.

On that night, Jack became a face for the first time in his career and Zeb was finally cheered by fans that had surely been wanting to do so for quite some time.

If the match between Rusev and Swagger is made for Battleground, then it's a match that Swagger should win. Rusev has yet to lose, but the fact is one loss will not destroy his momentum, as he and Swagger could trade victories back and forth in a rivalry.

Swagger has worked very hard to get his moment in the sun. While neither he nor Rusev are main event talents right now, the fact is that this feud could be one that would put them both in the running for a spot on that stage.

Swagger should nevertheless get the first win over Rusev, and that win should come at Battleground.


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