Hawks-Celtics: Atlanta Forces Boston to Game Seven

Mike SimmonsCorrespondent IMay 3, 2008


Al Horford was as good as a rookie can be in the playoffs, as he and Joe Johnson carried the Hawks to a Game Seven in Boston.

This team is a huge surprise in these playoffs in which the Boston Celtics were supposed to sweep the Hawks, and move on to face the Cleveland Cavaliers in Round 2 of the 2008 playoffs.

This was a sad understatement because the Hawks have forced a Game Seven. It was pandemonium in Philips Arena as fans were chanting  "Seven, Seven, Seven."

No doubt all Celtics fans were awestruck by this unknown and unprecedented turn of events, in which the team with the worst record in the playoffs has a chance to eliminate the team with the best record. 

The Celtics were playing very subpar ball with Kevin Garnett leading the team in every offensive category as a center. The defensive player of the year only had 2 blocks, and was the only one of the "Big Three" who played well.

Rajon Rondo wasn't at all consistent, while "Ray Ray" and Paul Pierce were consistent but gave a poor performance.


Every fan of the National Basketball Association will be glued to their TV when Game Seven is on, so they can see if another first-round upset will happen.

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