Cant Wait Till The Raiders Season Starts.

Javon BarkusContributor IJuly 3, 2009

24 Oct 1999: A fan of the Oakland Raiders cheers in the stands as he wears the logo during a game against the New York Jets at the Network Coliseum in Oakland, California. The Raiders defeated the Jets 24-23. Mandatory Credit: Jon Ferrey  /Allsport

The offseason is killing me no football for how many more days,what AFL canceled let me tell you what I been doing to speed up this offseason.

  • Raiders offical site on it everyday to watch behind the shield online I don't care what their talking about I watch it and I look at the ota's and traning camp photos and im always on to see the news around the league trades,free agent signings and the daily bullshit update on brett favre.If you have NFL network watch nfl replay every sunday they sometimes put the Raiders up their you'll rarely catch them and they play the old games when the Raiders were great.
  • If your young go play football with your friends and like me try to imitate Jamarcus Russell our Justin Fargas or Nnamdi asomugha anyone of our great players and if you get hurt........................thats your fault.
  • If you have any recorded games watch them and analyze them like you da coach or something and see how good you think they'll be next year.
  • And the number one thing......... you should already know Madden im on the sticks all day with the Raiders got the new draft picks on the 09 version hopefully they'll play as good on the real field as they do on the game.Im on my franchise mode rigth now im pretty good to. I wish I had xbox live so one of yall could get scraped somethin terrible.