Pitch Invader Interrupts Belgium vs. USA World Cup Clash in Protest

Mark Patterson@@MarkPattersonBRUK Staff WriterJuly 1, 2014


The first half of the USA's clash with Belgium in the last 16 of the World Cup was interrupted when a protester took the field.

Update: As it turns out, the pitch invader faked a handicap by using a wheelchair in order to get close enough to the field so he could run on it:

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--End of Update--

Wearing a T-shirt in support of Brazilian children in favelas, he was left free to run around the pitch for some time before security caught up with him.

Guy who ran in the field https://t.co/6G4zpfAh75

— Kevin Almeida (@Keviincito) July 1, 2014

 And one man who definitely didn't welcome the interruption was Jurgen Klinsmann:

Pitch invaders? Not impressed. http://t.co/pmvkArLXHO

— Major League Soccer (@MLS) July 1, 2014

 After a brief hold-up, the game resumed in Salvador.

Update: More information has emerged about the pitch invader, identified by Football Italia as a repeat offender from Italy:

Mario ‘Il Falco’ Ferri struck again with a pitch invasion during Belgium-USA and a message for shot Napoli fan Ciro Esposito.

He had become famous for running on to the field during Serie A and Italy matches wearing a Superman shirt with the message: ‘Cassano in the Nazionale.’

Ferri raised the stakes by invading the 2010 World Cup semi-final in South Africa, complete with a vuvuzela.

They also added some background on the two messages on his shirt. The first, as was clear, referred to favelas and the children who grow up in them.

The second was a reference to Ciro Esposito, a Napoli fan who had been shot by a Roma ultra before the Coppa Italia final earlier this season. He died last week, 50 days after the shooting, at the age of 29. The hashtag read #CiroVive, translating to "Ciro Lives."

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