Aaron Hernandez Is 'Mr. July' in 2014 Florida Gators Calendar

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistJuly 1, 2014

via @JimiKunkel

Aaron Hernandez put up good numbers in his football career, both at the University of Florida and for the New England Patriots in the NFL. However, given his current legal troubles, he may not be the best choice to be featured in a team calendar.

The former Gators tight end was featured as "Mr. July" in a 2014 calendar. (Tim Tebow also was featured.)

It may seem like a poor decision to include Hernandez in the calendar now, but the Gators football Twitter account explained how something like this happened:

via @JimiKunkel

Hernandez wasn't arrested until summer of 2013. Maybe it wasn't possible to make a change a few months after approval, but it certainly seems like it would have been worth trying.

It also doesn't appear as though this calendar is one the program put out:

No matter who created the calendar, it's not a good look for anyone right now.

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