Nissen Osterneck, Doug Evans to Headline Free Shark Fight Card

Brian OswaldMMA Editor July 3, 2009

Amarillo, TX. - July 3, 2009 - Shark Fight Promotions, a Texas-based mixed martial arts fight promotion company, recently announced that they will be hosting a free mixed martial arts event on July 18th in Amarillo Texas at Gamboa's Outdoor Event Center.

The popular Texas fight promoter was recently forced to cancel their Shark Fight 5 Outdoor Bash and Brawl event, due to unpredictable weather. The promoter felt that the best way to make it up to the fans would be to re-schedule the event and give away the tickets. The Shark Fight event on the 18th will be a free admission show.
Jim Larson, president of Shark Fight Promotions, had this to say: "Despite the bad weather, thousands of loyal fans came out to our Shark Fight 5 event to show their support. Unfortunately, we were forced to cancel the fights due to the rain.

"We didn't want to just reschedule the event; we wanted to find a way to make up for the cancellation. In light of that, Shark Fight executives unanimously agreed to host a free event for the fans, and the rest is history. To the best of my knowledge no promoter has ever put on a free MMA event. "
Shark Fight Promotions appropriately named the free event "Shark Fight 5.5 - Nothing to Lose."  Many of the fighters that were on the official Shark Fight 5 card will return to fight in the 5.5 version.

The event will also feature Shark Fight Promotions' first featherweight title bout. Douglas Frey (5-1-0) will face Doug Evans (9-4-0) for the coveted Shark Fight Featherweight belt. The full Shark Fight 5.5 official fight card will be announced soon.
Although no admission will be charged for the "Shark Fight 5.5 - Nothing to Lose" MMA event, fans are encouraged to get their tickets in advance. Tickets will be available at the Shark Fights store in Amarillo's Westgate Mall, beginning on July 6th.