Zaza Pachulia, A Good Fit For Golden State Warriors

sam patContributor IJuly 3, 2009

Zaza Pachulia may be very good fit for the warriors especially since we need a banger and if you guys have watched the Atlanta Hawks post season, you guys know that he is really tough to guard and block out in the paint. Also he is one helluva re-bounder and should be a great pick for the warriors, so they can get some beef in the paint.

The Amare trade sounds great for now but if you really look at it, I think we would be taking too much of a risk by trading away young talents like Biedrins and Brandan wright who are both potential superstars. Of course only time will tell but they should be give another season at least.

The amare trade can be forgotten if we get zaza and get some inside presence. Since Don Nelson gets most points from hi gaurds any way, I think this would be a perfect trade for warriors since he is not very expensive at this point.