16 People in Sports That Make Us Laugh

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistJuly 3, 2014

16 People in Sports That Make Us Laugh

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    Just like choosing friends, athletes and sports commentators require a certain pizazz for us fans to be drawn to.

    Whether it’s their personalities, jokes, sound bites or pranks on teammates, we gravitate toward certain people in sports because they always know how to get us to chuckle.

    There are just some people in sports who know how to do just that—and these are the best at it.

Katie Nolan

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    OK, so Katie Nolan might be one of my crushes, but can you blame me?

    Not only does the girl always look like she’s having fun, but she knows a ton about sports and doesn’t look too bad, either.

    Katie’s humor appeals perfectly to the male audience who tune in to watch her "No Filter" segment, meaning she’s doing everything right.

The Golf Boys

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    The sport of golf is usually buttoned up and for a distinguished audience—but don’t tell that to the Golf Boys.

    The group, made up of pro golfers Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler, Ben Crane and Hunter Mahan, has helped break the usual mold of golf with its hilarious charity videos and, of course, by helping spreading the “Dufnering” trend like a wildfire last summer.

    As goofy as these golfers are, it's hard to believe they have a couple major titles between them.

Chris Bosh

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    He may be the least famous of the Miami Heat’s Big Three, but Chris Bosh might be the funniest.

    All those photobombs that have become popular over the past couple of years in sports?

    Yeah, you can thank Bosh for those, because he has become quite the specialist at sneaking both in front and behind his teammates to try and distract them while they're doing interviews.

JaVale McGee

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    It’s no accident that Denver Nuggets big man JaVale McGee received the Lifetime Achievement Award from Shaquille O’Neal on the TNT segment "Shaqtin’ a Fool."

    Known for his sometimes questionable decisions on the basketball court, McGee displays similar personality while off the floor too.

    Just watch this video of him dominating—and then gloating—after beating a kid in an arcade basketball game.

Derek Holland

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    Texas Rangers pitcher Derek Holland may currently be working himself back from injury, but I bet he hasn’t been taking much time off from getting a few laughs from teammates.

    You see, Holland is a rare breed in sports, bringing together multiple elements that make him hilarious.

    His impression of baseball analyst Tim Kurkjian alone probably gets him on this list.

    But when you add in the prepubescent 'stache that he often shows off, it’s a no-brainer why sports fans find him so funny.

Lolo Jones

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    Poop jokes always draw a laugh, so I couldn’t help but put Olympian Lolo Jones on this list.

    She may be pretty intense when she’s competing on the track or on the bobsled hill, but don’t expect the same from her when she’s just hanging out.

    A glance at Jones' Twitter page will prove that, as she often jokes about her virginity and, in general, the single life she lives.

Rob Riggle

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    When ESPN asks you to host its annual ESPY Awards, it usually means you’re a funny guy.

    Back in 2012, comedian and actor Rob Riggle got the nod, and he didn't disappoint, delivering a solid amount of quick jabs and jokes.

    On top of his gig a couple of summers ago, Riggle is a regular on the NFL on Fox pregame show and is a lifetime Kansas City Royals fan—which he’s joked about as being extremely painful.

Blake Griffin

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    You don’t think that Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin lands all of those commercials just because he’s in Los Angeles, do you?

    I hope not, because that would be an injustice to the hilarity that is Blake Griffin.

    Using dry humor to make people laugh, Griffin isn’t afraid to embarrass himself to entertain—which is good, because it seems to be working for him.

Neil Everett

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    For those who have watched SportsCenter host Neil Everett before, you know how funny this guy.

    To put it bluntly, Everett just seems like he’s always happy, doesn’t he? Laughing and smiling at nearly everything that goes on during a show—with that alone making him funny in my book.

    And although it wasn’t planned, Neil played off his coughing attack beautifully a couple years ago when on live TV, showing he’s an absolute pro at thinking on his toes.

Kenny Mayne

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    When it comes to sports comedy gold, ESPN’s Kenny Mayne might just be the first person chiseled into Mount Rushmore.

    That’s because most of his career has been based around satirical pieces that include off-beat humor and dry sarcasm.

    It clearly works well for Mayne, as he never seems to take himself too seriously when reporting the news or interviewing an athlete.

Jimmy Kimmel

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    Richard Shotwell/Associated Press

    He might not be strictly known for being a sports guy, but TV host Jimmy Kimmel does crack up sports fans with some of his bits on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

    From interviewing people on the street and asking them questions about sports that make them look foolish to having athletes read mean tweets about themselves, Kimmel knocks it out of the park whenever sports is involved.

Kevin Hart

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    Unlike the aforementioned comedian Rob Riggle, Kevin Hart may have never hosted the ESPY Awards, but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind doing so sometime.

    A huge sports fan, Hart has drawn laughs thanks to his numerous NBA Celebrity All-Star Game appearances, taking over the show as both a coach and player and getting himself ejected from the 2012 game—which made him go on a hilarious tirade.

Peyton Manning

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    Not only is Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning a five-time league MVP, but he has proved to be a Hall of Famer when it comes to making people laugh too.

    From the commercials that he’s done over the years to his hilarious acts while hosting Saturday Night Live, one can’t help but laugh each time Manning’s face is on TV.

    Peyton even throws in a few fast ones following games.

Shaquille O'Neal

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    Former NBA big man Shaquille O'Neal might not be dominating opponents any longer, but as an analyst for TNT, he’s causing laughs just as he did headaches for opponents when he played.

    On top of his usual one-liners and jabs at Charles Barkley during their time in the studio together, O’Neal hosts his weekly segment called "Shaqtin’ a Fool," which is a compilation of the funniest plays during NBA games.

    He was known for some great soundbites during his playing days, and Shaq-Fu has continued them since he has called it quits too.

Bill Simmons

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    As a sports writer myself, I can tell you exactly why Bill Simmons is on my list—because the guy is knowledgeable, witty, talented and passionate.

    Yeah, OK, so I admit to having a bit of a sports journalist man-crush on the guy, but so what?

    Read one of his columns, and there’s a good chance you’ll see why Simmons is at the top of the game right now—especially when he does things like pumping a fist when something positive happens for one of his beloved Boston teams.

    For sticking to his true roots as a fan, you can't help but laugh at the dude while he keeps his calm demeanor.

Charles Barkley

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    While I mentioned one of his co-analysts on TNT, Shaquille O’Neal, earlier, former NBA All-Star Charles Barkley doesn’t succumb to Shaq’s wit, often throwing back all the stuff The Big Aristotle says in his face as if he’s an older brother joking around with his younger bro.

    On top of the lighthearted fun the two have on the show, Barkley says some of the goofiest stuff ever, and he isn’t afraid to speak his mind, which only adds to his appeal as a funny guy.