Money in the Bank 2014: Stars Who Failed to Deliver on the Big Stage

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJune 30, 2014


While Money in the Bank was an overall great pay-per-view, several stars on the roster failed to live up to expectations, or even make much of an impression at all.

Thanks to her spot on the E! reality show Total Divas and an upcoming part in WWE Studios’ action flick The Marine 4: Moving Target, Summer Rae is clearly being positioned for a big role in the Divas division.

Alas, judging by her mediocre match with Layla El, she doesn’t seem even remotely ready for such a spot.


That she lost the short, shambolic match clean—and proceeded to weep profusely afterwards—probably didn’t help her status with the fans.

Rae just doesn’t seem to be working as a babyface, either. Is she simply a natural heel and miscast as a good guy?

It was a rough night for the other Divas too.

Paige and Naomi actually managed to get a decent spot on the show (rare for a women’s pay-per-view match in WWE), but their bout was rather disappointing. Especially when you consider that both are two of the better female workers in the division.


But far too many botches—I still have no clue what that dreadful “double drop kick” spot near the start was meant to be about—and some bad mistiming really dragged things down. Really, you would have expected better from these two.

In fairness though, the two girls have only just started working together. They may just need more time to jell properly in the ring.


Ideally, management will give them another shot at Battleground next month and fans will get a chance to really see what they can do.

There were other issues on the card.

Struggling midcarder Big E. didn’t do himself any favors in the bout with Rusev.


The match itself was OK—Rusev won, of course—but Big E.’s “super patriotic” gimmick feels fake, trite and unoriginal.

Big E. does actually have a lot of personality and a great sense of humor, as anyone who has seen some of his hilarious antics on WWE Inbox can attest to, but this current role is only hindering him. It doesn’t suit him at all.


For his part, Rusev looked fine and came off like he was decently over with the crowd in Boston. But he still seems to lack the work rate and spark needed to be a true main eventer. Considering the talent in WWE these days, “competent” just isn’t going to cut it.

It will be interesting to keep an eye on him over the next few months as his career progresses. He does need to improve, in terms of both in-ring work and presence.

But can he? Or will he end up another failed monster heel, like The Great Khali or Vladimir Kozlov before him?